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    1850 BA Tourney

    Have a tournament on April 24'th.

    This is what I was intending to use:

    Seth: 160

    Librarian: 100
    Shield of Sanguinius
    Preferred Enemy

    Sanguinary Priest: 65
    Power Weapon

    9 man Assault Squad: 212
    Melta Gun; Power Weapon; Rhino

    9 man Assault Squad: 222
    Flamer; Power Weapon; Inferno Pistol; Rhino

    10 man Assault Squad: 240
    2 x Melta guns; Power Weapon; Rhino

    10 man Tactical Squad: 245
    Melta gun; Lascannon; Razorback

    Typhoon Squadron: 180
    2 Typhoons

    Baal Predator: 145
    Flame storm Cannon; Heavy Bolters

    Baal Predator: 145
    Assault Cannon; Heavy bolters

    Predator: 135
    Autocannon turret; Lascannon sponsons

    Seth joins the melta assault squad, libby joins the flamer assault squad, and priest joins the tactical squad that combat squads.


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    Re: 1850 BA Tourney

    I like it, looks very fast & vicious. With all the tanks and rhinos on the board, I picture this list working a lot like my Death Guard list.

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