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    AoBR Dred

    If I buy 2 AoBR Drednaughts, and then 2 Twin-Linked Lascannon bits, will they be able to make 2 dreds with a lascannon and CCW/Heavy Flamer? Just making sure all the weapon and assembly patterns are compatible.

    Thanks guys.

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    well the "discount" dreads you are talking about have smaller pegs for the arms. If you glue the lascannons or just fill in the extra room with modeling clay or something like that then there will be no real problems with switching out weapons with the AOBR dreads and the 50$ ones.

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    MAGNETS!!! Put magnets on to the dreads so they both have the same polarity and then put magnets into the sockets of the weapon arms. You may need to cut the pegs on the dreads down a little to make them fit, but the effort is worth it. My two dreads can be equipped with any weapon combo I like for no extra effort now, it's great.

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    ^ This.

    I've started to magnetize my stuff now. Magnets on everything!

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    Also if you have the money and plan on magnetizing may I suggest buying a dremel. They also work well for drilling out barrels and holes to pin stuff. (Have to be really careful on metal models since dremmels drill bits suck a hard one and will snap off quick if you aren't paying attention.)

    This one is the one I have and it will laugh at anything you have to mess with for modeling.

    This is the bit I use for making spots for magnets. It will cut a falt bottom hole by pushing straight in, and is easy to circle to widen the hole if necessary.

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