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    Challenge Completed- Honor Roll

    This thread is for all those members who have completed a Hobby Challenge. Let their names live on in glory for eternity.

    To receive a post in this thread, you must first join a Hobby Challenge. Then, upon completion of the Challenge, simply PM me or another moderator a quote of your original pledge and a picture of the completed models/terrain/etc.

    Any member that has completed a previous challenge before the Honor Roll was created needs only to send me a quote of the challenge (all the challenge threads are archived) and a picture of the completed challenge. I will get them added to the thread.

    Any questions should be posted here.

    My mod voice is green.
    If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about my moderating, please PM me.
    Dr. Manfredel is wrong. That kind of thinking is never justified.

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    Completed Vows for the 2011 Q1 Hobby Challenge:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Originally Posted by edmindblack
    I, the geezer who's name is to the left of this nonsense, will try and get completed at least 2 squads of Biker Marines to a fully painted and based standard.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Sons of Sanguinius:
    Originally Posted by Sons of Sanguinius
    I, Son of Sanguinius, pledge to buy, build and complete these two following units:

    Space Marine Bike, (yeah just one) and Venerable Dreadnought.


    Originally Posted by Xarboth View Post
    I, Xarboth, vow to complete (i.e. bought, assembled, painted and based) the following by the end of this Hobby Challenge (and also not to purchase any new models until each previous unit is completed):

    1 Dark Eldar Archon
    1 box of Dark Eldar Warriors
    1 box of Dark Eldar Warriors

    As a punishment, I will change my Avatar and Custom Rank to either: 1) A Manchester United logo, and "Red Devil"; 2) An Everton logo, and "No.1 Toffee"; or a Blackburn Rovers logo, and "Rover till I die" - after a public Forum vote in the Chaos Wastes - for the duration of the entire next hobby challenge! (To put this into context, I'm a Bolton Wanderers fan.)

    Signed (or not actually signed, but you get the point),

    Squad 1:

    Squad 2:

    All together:

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    Completed Vows for the 2011 Q2 Hobby Challenge:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    I, Salag, will attempt to complete the following challenge:
    1. Build, prime, paint and base 2 boxes of Necron Warriors and Scarabs.
    2. Finish off two terrain pieces, including painting and basing.

    1. Clean up, prime and paint my 2nd hand Destroyers.
    2. Complete 2 more terrain pieces, excluding painting.
    The pictures are:

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Brother Michael:
    Originally Posted by Brother Michael
    I, Michael, will attempt to complete the following:

    Deathwing Terminator Squad
    Master Belial

    Nice to have would be another terminator squad.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________

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    Completed Vows for the 2011 Q3 Hobby Challenge:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Originally Posted by scythes View Post
    I, Scythes, will promise to finish considerably less models than last time. This quarters challenge will include my 20 genestealers and my new hive tyrant, which I will be making into a swarmlord. If I fail this I will allow...shudder...EB to choose me a new avatar for the length of the next hobby challenge.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Venerable Ironclad
    Originally Posted by Venerable Ironclad View Post
    I Venerable Ironclad, will attempt to:
    Have a fully functional 750 pts of my Rat Guard built and painted. I have already gotten it some what started.

    Nice to have:
    A 750pts List that is at least some what compeditive.
    A 1000 pt list that is some what compeditive.

    If I fail my attempt:
    I will change my Avatar to feature my rat ogryn model Big Mama's cleavage, And I will leave it that way for at least two months.
    (said model in link below)

    However, can I call it off if Necrons come out.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    I, Lelnar, Will attempt to paint and assemble:
    I will finish assembling my wifes wood elf battalion for her to paint. (her paiting is not my challenge)
    I will paint a rhino, with an attempt at hinging the doors properly
    5 Scouts
    5 devastators
    5 Terminators with converted PF/PS
    Attachment 4594 Attachment 4592Attachment 4593 Attachment 4591
    I attempted to hinge the top doors but I messed up so I glued it down and made it look kind of welded shut, the pics are too fuzy to tell any detail will try and get more pics up on my blog.

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    Completed Vows for the 2011 Q4 Hobby Challenge:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Originally Posted by edmundblack View Post
    Squad 6 of my bikes. That's 5 bikers to source (done - I think), strip and rebuild as well as one attack bike with multi melta. Then paint.

    Vindicare Assassin, painted and based.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Originally Posted by Lelnar View Post
    I, Lelnar, will complete the following,

    1) Finish Squad Viridis (10 Tact marines)
    2) Finish Squad Velox (4 Marine bikers)
    3)Make squad flags for Squad Viridis and Squads Porphyrius (10m tact), Xanthus(10m tact)
    Squad Viridis
    Attachment 6015
    Squad Velox with squad markings (bikes are repaired to the best I could)
    Attachment 6014
    Attachment 6016
    All 3 squads flags are magnetized for storage purposes The V,P, and X are the markings for each squad
    Attachment 6017

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    Completed Vows for the 2012 Q1 Hobby Challenge:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________
    Originally Posted by Brother-Captain Sharp
    Finish a 2000 point Angels of Retribution force

    Work on Imperial Fists

    I'll paint a Space Wolf. *shudder*

    (Pictures of full force coming tomorrow)
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________

    Originally Posted by Ann View Post
    Assemble and paint three killa kans, one trukk. Paint one squad of 20 grots with two runtherds. Assemble and paint one SU-122 Russian tank destroyer to be a looted wagon. Paint one mob of 10 nobz. All to what I would consider a tabletop standard for my own game play. Paint a lobba and two grot crew. Assemble and paint a Big Mek, Weirdboy, a War Boss, and a Deff Dread.

    Bonus Points: Assemble and paint a squad of 30 boyz or my 10 stormboyz mob. Flocking is optional but will be a bonus. I'm still undecided what kind of flocking theme I want to use. Assemble and paint two more lobba and crew to complete my big gunz unit, if they come in at the game store in time.
    Here are the pictures. (Sorry, my camera is pretty cheap and isn't the greatest for close-up's but I did what I could with what I had.) I'll post them throughout the day, editing my thread, in-between doing housework and errands.

    * * *

    Here is my kanz squadron. I used a dark eldar prow I found in a store's bitz bucket for the metal-colored kan'z DCCW. I had no idea at the time what the thing was but it was pointy and looked like it had killy potential. I suspect that is how ork meks approach most technical problems.

    A close-up of a random killa kan.

    This was my first time working with magnets. I might have gone a little over-board.

    * * *

    My miserable, prone-to-blowing-up-and-randomly-exploding-in-the-middle-of-some-poor-sod's-army trukk. I magnetized the ork with the rokkit so I can switch him out for an ork with a machine gun, and use the rokkit guy in a boyz or tankbusta squad or whatever. The reinforced ram is also magnetized, though I've learned from hard experience not to take it off very often. I might paint the metal bits on the tires when I get the inclination.

    * * *

    Annagrod Grotsquig, the big mek and "da brainz beehined da seenz" of Waaagh!: Hungry occasionally gets warped back via shokk attack gun-based snafu's to an alternative version of WWII and invariably ends up in the Soviet Union, where they anticipate her arrival and treat her as an old friend.

    She fixes up some of their stuff good and proper for them and in return they give her vodka and other presents for her return trip through the warp. One time she showed back up with a Soviet SU-122 which she incorporated into her little Waaagh. The model is 1/48th scale and is a bit lower but almost exactly the same length as a rhino. Any advantage (and one has come up yet in my games) I might achieve with a low profile is certainly countered by the fixed boomgun.

    The cannon is a bit small for a boomgun, despite being a pretty heavy duty piece of ordnance for our friends the Soviets. Still, you can juice things up a bit when you rig the thing up to fire grots and smallish orks using shokk attack gun technology! When I want additional weapons I just stick a boy on the back and call it good. In this picture I'm using the same rokkit ork as was on the trukk.

    I might re-do the treads but in truth I probably won't get around to it anytime soon. The ram on the front is firmly in place. You'd have to be even crazier than an ork to neglect those particular 5 points for a looted wagon!

    * * *

    Hungry the cowardly warboss and some psychic snake in a bucket that has an enslaved nob to drag him around from place to place. The snake is particularly fond of teleporting mobs of 30 boyz hither and fro during their battles. He especially finds it the height of comedy to do so right at the split second they are about to break into an enemy line in the middle of an assault.

    * * *

    My much-hated nobz. I'm rather pleased with them, especially because I gave seven of them differing options because I thought it would be neat and useful, before I had any idea about wound allocation shenanigans. Some of them are magnetized. I wish I had given them all cybork parts though because I later found that the entry in the codex is commonly interpreted to mean "all or none" rather than "all or some". Oh well, they still do really well even if they aren't perfect ... but then who is?

    A klaw I made out of the spiky bits from a dozer blade like the one I put on the SU-122. Thank you very much to my friend, Mike, who lets Annagrod rummage through his bitz boxes whenever the mood strikes her.

    A nob with a combi-flamer. Needless to say he is usually the first guy off the trukk in any assault! He might be a good, future candidate for this.

    Big Mek, Annagrod Grotsquig sporting a magnetic circular saw cybork arm and the BFG-Illudium-Q-63 Space Modulator or "Shokk Attack Gun".

    * * *

    Annagrod and her grot living ammunition cache/hecklers. She'll have to find something else to threaten them with now when they are acting up other than a "good flocking".

    * * *

    I magnetized the two bottom arms on this guy. Usually I run either twin flame throwers or twin big shootas. I've tried four DCCW's but that makes him sort of expensive by ork standards and he has an annoying habit of running uselessly around the battlefield, failing to catch anything but looking really scary doing it or hiding behind stuff because he has a razorback phobia.

    * * *

    Until next time ... "Everyone fears the mighty lobbas!"

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    Completed Vows for the 2013 Q3 Hobby Challenge:

    Originally Posted by Thatfatguy
    I, the being known as ThatFatGuy, do pledge to paint.

    - 2nd Company IVth Squad (10 Tactical Marines and a Rhino)
    - 2nd Company VIth Squad (10 Tactical Marines and a Rhino)
    - 2nd Company VIIth Squad (10 Devastator Marines and a Rhino)
    - 2nd Company VIIIth Squad (10 Devastator Marines and a Rhino)
    - 2nd Company IXth Squad (10 Assault Marines)
    - 2nd Company Xth Squad (10 Assault Marines)
    - 2nd Company Dreadnought
    - 2nd Company Dreadnought

    Nice to have
    - 1st Company Captain
    - 1st Company Command Squad
    - 1st Company Librarian
    - 1st Company Chaplain
    - 1st Company Techmarine
    - 1st Company IVth Squad (5 Terminators)
    - 1st Company Vth Squad (5 Terminators)
    - 1st Company VIIth Squad (5 Terminators)
    - 1st Company VIIIth Squad (5 Terminators)
    - 1st Company IXth Squad (5 Terminators)
    - 1st Company Xth Squad (5 Terminators)

    if I fail my pledge, I shall allow edmundblack to change my avatar, DrakonTheNightLord to choose my signature, and Mali32 to choose what colour I have to type in for a month.

    Originally Posted by sneggy
    "I Sneggy, the marvelous, sexy, attractive, witty and all round amazing chap (albeit with a long title) do solemnly pledge to complete the following:

    Build, convert and paint Death Guard squad (7 models)
    Build, Convert and paint 5 Nurgle Havocs
    Build, convert and paint a Nurgle chaos lord
    Build convert and paint a Nurgle Maulerfiend
    Build and Paint 5 Wraithguard

    Nice to haves:
    Build, convert and paint a nurgle helldrake (not completed)
    Build, Convert and paint a second death guard squad (built, converted and primed)
    Build, convert and paint a Nurgle daemon prince (built, converted and primed)

    If I fail then i will subject myself to the usual avatar and signature based hatred from a combination of EdmundBlack and the first forumite to finish there challenge."

    Originally Posted by daddy4count View Post
    I'm in... for my Summer Hobby Challenge I will complete the following
    (which are already assembled and primed, but not yet painted):

    Nemesis DreadKnight (also for my personal Walker/MC challenge)
    Two squads of GK Terminators

    Nice to have: Another NDK (acquire, assemble, paint)
    Another squad of terminators (acquire, assemble, paint)

    Should I fail in my attempt... I SHALL NOT FAIL!

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    Completed Vows for the 2013 Q4 Hobby Challenge:

    I Sneggy do solemnly pledge to:

    1 Wave serpent turret (thus completing a wave serpent)-actually already done since posting first time round but including for the sake of completeness
    1 Eldar Grav Tank of my choosing (choices of Falcon, Fire Prism or Wave Serpent)
    1 ork trukk mob and there trukk (comprising 11 boyz+1 nob+trukk and all crew)
    3 Nob bikers (thus completeing my nob bikers unit)
    All 3 of my Necron 'Crypteks'
    1 full Death Guard squad (7 marines including champion)

    Nice to haves:
    Build and convert a Nurgle Helldrake
    More Grav Tanks
    Build and Convert a 3rd death guard squad.
    Necron deathmarks
    Anything from the Orktober releases.

    I, The Forumite known as ThatFatGuy, hence do challenge myself to complete the following.

    40 Night Goblin Spearman
    40 Night Goblin Bowman
    10 Forest Goblin Spider Riders
    20 Orc Savage Boys
    40 Orc Boys
    5 Trolls
    1 Giant
    1 Orc Warboss
    1 Night Goblin Big Boss
    1 Night Goblin Shaman
    1 Orc Shaman
    6 Night Goblin Fanatics

    Nice to have
    10 Solemn Sons Sternguard
    10 Solemn Sons Vanguard
    3 Solemn Sons Centurions
    20 Solemn Sons Tactical Marines
    2 Solemn Sons Rhinos

    If I lose, I shall read the entirety of the Twilight Series, Plus @edmundblack may choose me a Twilight Themed Avatar, and @Mali32 may choose a Twilight Themed signature

    Originally Posted by edmundblack
    I, the being which is represented by the name hereabouts as edmundblack, shall undertake a Drawing a Day* for the duration of this Challenge. The subjects can be anything, the size can be anything, the media can be any as all these considerations are secondary to the act and practice of drawing. These shall be uploaded at least once a week.

    * at least one sketch, but no upper limit.

    If I do not succeed, then Sneggy shall have his (undoubtedly wicked) way with my Avatar for a month, and Ann shall be given licence to fiddle with my Sig until it cries for the same period (this will be for January 2014).

    Originally Posted by MurderousMuffin View Post
    I pledge to assemble, paint and base the following:

    . 40 Ork Boyz
    . 1 Big mek
    . 5 Nobz
    . 5 Lootas

    Punishment for not completing: The first member to complete a challenge of at least 20 models will pick my profile picture for January 2014.

    Originally Posted by stormlord View Post
    The full Challenge for Q4 2013 was, if I remember correctly, for
    1 Kingdom Death Order Knight
    2 Land Speeder Typhoons (Slight conversion)
    6 DV Bikers (Sergeant is converted)
    and a nice to have was
    10 DV Tactical Marines

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NYMRdDT.jpg 
Views:	98 
Size:	2.48 MB 
ID:	18916  

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    Completed Vows for the 2014 Q1 Hobby Challenge:

    Originally Posted by NiallCampbell View Post
    I, Niall, solemnly vow to complete the following:

    5 x Ellyrian Reavers,
    1 x BSB,
    1 x Elven Mill (Terrain)
    1 -2 More games of WHFB with my mate, documented on the forum with battle report and photos! (This may not sound like much to you experienced wargamers but as we're slowly learning the rules without having much time to play it will be a stretch haha!)

    Not sure if this counts but should I fail; my punishment will be to pay for, paint and ship (preferably within UK/Europe just so the costs don't take the mick!) a model to a forum member of the moderators' choosing. Single mini, no monstrous creatures, units etc or tanks! Can be 40k/WHFB - the chosen member can pick! PAINT RESULTS MAY VARY DEPENDING ON MY SKILL WITH THE CHOSEN COLOUR PALETTE!!
    Originally Posted by NiallCampbell View Post
    Good stuff, set out my goal, and made it!

    1 x Terrain Piece
    1 x BSB
    1 x Unit of Ellyrian Reavers
    2-3 x Battle Reports

    Battle Reports:

    April 17th – 1200 points HE vs OG

    March 27th – 1000 points HE vs VC

    January 23rd – 1000 Points HE vs OG!

    Onto the next one! Perhaps a unit of Archers, Phoenix Guard or maybe even a Frostie!



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    Completed Vows for the 2014 Q2 Hobby Challenge:

    Originally Posted by Ann View Post
    Ann's "Complete some legal units" Challenge

    These goals are to give me minimum-sized painted units:
    Three stormboyz.
    Six "Soviet" gretchin regulars.
    One nob biker.
    Max unit of fifteen fenrisian wolves.
    Five necron warriors.

    Bonus Points: Anything not on this list that constitutes at least a minimum-sized legal unit or an HQ choice.

    My punishment, unlike the overly draconian one I inflicted on myself last time, will be to someone change my forum picture with the usual parameters. I'll leave it up for at least three months, maybe longer if I actually like what they change it to.

    Originally Posted by Ann View Post

    Finished a minimum-sized trio of three nob bikers with their warboss.

    Squad of ten goblins.

    Four stormboyz pictured with Zagstruk, who I mostly use as a nob.

    Twenty warriors. Repainted them because some one was quitting 40K and gave them to me.

    Fifteen Fenrisian Wolves. Everyone loves the Space Wolves! *woof*

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    Completed Vows for the 2015 Q1 Hobby Challenge:

    Originally Posted by Sneggy View Post
    I Sneggy, the enthusiastic but hopeless do solemnly pledge to complete the following:

    Build and paint a Tyranid Neurothrope(Done)
    Build, Green stuff and paint a custom Malanthrope.(Done)
    Build and paint 3 Hive guard(Done)
    Build, green stuff and paint a Hive Crone(Done-Finally)
    Repurpose, magnetise, green stuff and repaint 3 Tyranid Warriors as Shrikes(Done)

    Nice to Have:
    Build, Magnetise and paint 3 Raveners OR 30 Gants/Gaunts in any configuration.
    3 more Tyranid Shrikes from Tyranid Warriors.
    A minimum sized Tyranid troops choice of any kind.(Done-Genestealers)
    Any Orks/Chaos

    Should I fail I throw myself upon the mercy of @Lexius87 and @Beeva to punish me as they see fit

    Originally Posted by pattyobrien3 View Post
    I'll pledge to have my kustom stompa painted fully.

    I'd be nice to have my battle fortress completed as well, along with my meganobz and flash gitz.

    If my stompa isn't done, than sneggy can pony-ify my avatar and signature.

    Attached Images         

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    Originally Posted by Ann
    I pledge to paint enough models so that I have 1000 points of Space Wolves. This will require me to paint about 500 points, since I am including already painted models from my previously failed Space Wolf Painting Challenge, which led to the current Tau-based nonsense. Any upgrades have to be shown on the model to count toward the point totals. Any other models I complete are an added bonus. Further adding to my small Necron force earns double secret bonus points!

    Additionally, I have to paint one minimum-sized unit of Tau as part of fulfilling my punishment for failing the end-of-year 2014 challenge.

    If I fail then I will allow my pro-Tau frenemy to pick yet another propaganda piece for my avatar, and I will paint yet another minimum-sized unit of Tau. If I keep failing these challenges I'm sadly going to end up with a fully painted Tau army!

    *signed in the blood of heretics*

    -- Colonel-General Warboss of the Greater Good Ann

    Originally Posted by Ann View Post

    Rune Priest (Librarian)

    Wolf Priest (Chaplain)

    Eight Terminators

    Thunderwolf with a Fenrisian Wolf

    Same Thunderwolf with a different Fenrisian Wolf

    Originally Posted by edmundblack View Post
    Hmmm. I, me, do hereby pledge to continue doodling and complete at least five more full scale pieces of work in any media.

    If not, then TFG can sig my sig and sneggy can sneggy-fy my avatar.

    Nice to have: at least one miniature of some sort.

    Originally Posted by edmundblack View Post

    Couldn't quite make it seven. (well, technically it is but it's a nude, so unless it's OK to post that as well, those ^ will be it)

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    Originally Posted by Cordova View Post
    I, Cordova, do pledge to complete the painting of at least 10 Tactical Marines (or SM size models - including Devastators etc) and one vehicle either a Razorback or Rhino.

    Nice to have:
    A second set of the above, and 5 Terminators.

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    Blog Entries
    Completed Vows for the 2015 Q2 Hobby Challenge:

    Originally Posted by Sneggy
    I, Sneggy, he with a suspiciously good record at these recently, do solemnly pledge to complete the following before the deadline:

    9 Termagants
    1 Maleceptor
    6 Burna boyz and 1 Burna Mek-Completed plus a grot oiler for the mek.
    12 Tankbustas and 3 Bomb Squigs
    Ork Trukk
    Ork Battlewagon
    Two Ironguts

    Nice to Haves:
    Any Ogres (seriously....theres so much work to do on the Ogres)

    Originally Posted by edmundblack View Post
    Annnyway: what I'd like to do is:

    At least five pieces of 2D work either drawings or paintings, of any size and subject.
    At least one miniature ffs. Been at least a year since I painted those Scorpions.

    Nice to have:

    More than one miniature.
    More than five 2D pieces of work.

    If I don't succeed, then I'll let Drakon Drakon-ify my sig annnnd ... Beeva can gnaw at my Avatar.

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    Blog Entries
    Completed Vows for the 2015 Q3 Hobby Challenge

    Originally Posted by manollette View Post
    I vow to start painting again, and complete at least two of my Alpha Legion's 10-man infantry squads by the end of the challenge period, as well as the rapier weapons battery and its crew.

    Complete painting of Contemptor Mortis dreadnought and its magnetized weaponry
    100% completion of all 6 tiles of my realm of battle sector imperialis board
    Complete *all* currently built Alpha Legion heresy models (will have to check to see what all this includes)

    Should I fail, Arch will buy nothing else until this challenge is completed. That's how this works, right?


    Originally Posted by manollette View Post done as I'm gonna get. Which is good, because I've already gotten 6 hours worth of my tattoo done...Only thing I missed was my fellblade, and that's about halfway done right now. Didn't want to rush it, since it's starting to turn out nicely

    Far as completed stuff goes, I've got:
    100% completion of my Realm of Battle board
    1 tactical squad (10 man) in Mk IV armour
    1 veteran squad (10 man) in Mk II armour
    2 apothecaries for each of the above squads, with matching armour types
    1 rapier weapons battery & crew
    1 squad (5 man) lernaean terminators
    2 praetors, one in terminator armour
    1 tactical support squad w/melta guns (5 man) in Mk IV armour
    1 heavy support squad w/volkite culverins (5 man) in Mk II armour
    1 contemptor mortis dreadnought w/magnetized kheres assault cannons and missle launcher

    Full Pic

    Tactical Squad

    Veteran Squad


    Tactical Support Squad

    Terminator Squad

    Heavy Support Squad

    Rapier Weapons Battery


    Contemptor Dreadnought

    Realm of Battle example

    Originally Posted by edmundblack View Post

    I, me, do aim to complete at least five pieces of 2D work and one miniature. One of the pieces of work I'd like to attempt is to be a piece of 40k fan-art. Because why not? Media and size to be decided as inspiration comes.

    If I fail, then @Beeva can choose my avatar for me, and, erm ... Drakon can have his wicked (and there are none more wicked ) with my signature.

    Nice to have: more. And cake. With tea.
    Originally Posted by edmundblack View Post
    Here's my effort, complete with (very crappy not-at-all-enthusiastic bad sketch of a concept for a piece of work that counts as the token 40k fan-art contribution):

    Bear Island knows no Kim but the Kim in the North, whose name is Jong Un.

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