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    Sternguard Combi-Weapons

    How many of you play your sternguard with full combi-weapons or close to it?

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    of the 6 marine players know, 3 of them use full combi's when using their sternguard (usually 5 combi-melta and 5 combi-flamers if they go the full 10man, otherwise they just take a 5man squad with combi-meltas). two are space wolves so they don't get sterns, and one is a bloodangels player that uses his other elite choices. of the 3, two of them usually droppod them in, the third doesn't own any droppods so he usually walks them or gives the a razorback

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    If I play with sternguard I usually combi them up.

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    I know a guy who combos most but leaves 1-2 without for wound allocation purposes.

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    No combis here for a very good reason: they're expensive at 9 points more than a normal Marine and have all the expected lifespan of one. Their boltguns are their primary weapon, there should be other things for anti tank and flaming stuff. Mine hunt MCs and special characters on their own, that's their primary (and often sole) responsibility. You'd be amazed how often they make their points back. I see them as my scalpel unit from an army of hammers: they sneak in with their basic razorback, drop out, shoot and if they survive the return fire it's onto the next one.

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    My typical use is to load them up with 10 combi melta's then DP them in between two high value targets and combat squad them then blast away. I have had turns where they killed a LR and a dread, a flyrant and 4 warriors, etc. Often times they become a one shot wonder because of this but as you said EB they usually pay for themselves and quick when you consider the turn they enter play most your stuff is going to be unmolested.

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