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    Looted Tau Army

    Hey guys! I am currently working on a looted tau army ie playing a tau army with converted ork models. Now right now its easy to play as tau since I just convert some battlesuits etc. to make them orky. But I was wondering if I might be able to go the other way and play using Codex: Orks as well. Some of it seems easy enough like my "firewarriors" turning into shoota boyz. But I am not sure about other parts. Any ideas would be great!

    Oh and I have a question about trukks. I would like to use some but was wondering if I could use my looted Devilfish as the model. I know you can use them as looted trukks but I like the idea of a dedicated transport. What do you guys think? Too big?

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    In a friendly game as long as your opponent doesn't mind and can tell what is what it shouldn't be a problem... really it's the codex that matters more than the models you choose.

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