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    Its about time that they decided to release the Necron codex. But what i have noticed from looking at the stats that they have on the GW website is that the old units seem to be getting a wee nerf. BUT as the actual rules have not yet been released, all i'm basing this on is what i observe in the little stats that they release. The C'tan seem to be getting quite a step down from the unstoppable power they once wielded whenever they happened to wander into close combat. They now have Daemon prince'ish stats. Breaks my heart. Anyway, what i have also noticed is that they have not released the wraiths, scarabs, or the tomb spyders. I dont suppose anyone knows whether or not these units will be making a comeback in the newly released codex? Or have they dropped them from the army? Besides all of this, the new released units look pretty cool. The fact that they came out with some new Special characters that look pretty awsome. But again, all this is based on the little information that they release on each model on GW website.

    Anyway, if anyone has studied the new necron units, what are your thoughts on the new units, and the changes to the old units.(Stats wise) And which new units are you interested in? CANT WAIT TO GET THE CODEX!!

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    Being discussed here:

    Perhaps a new topic is needed for discussion when it actually comes out...but for now


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