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    Ravenwing army/ tactics

    So I'm new to 40k. I'm was decideding between the tau and necrons until I found the Dark Angels. I really like their background story, and that they are the first chapter. anyway I built a quick 750 point deathwing army (belial,2 termie squads and scout snipers) but i wanted some more maneuverability. thus Ravenwing. I decided to focus more on land speeders than bikes becasue they seem to offer a greater array of firepower. heres my list, please help me make it better. if anyone has some favorite tactics please let me know. A lot of people at my club play IG both mech and infantry and a lot of Ultramarines (bleh!) so i tried to put in some good anti tank weapons.

    Master of Ravenwing, 205
    Master Land Speeder

    Troops: 615

    Ravenwing Attack Squadron, 300

    1 Ravenwing Sergeant
    1 Ravenwing attack bike with heavy bolter and standard equipment
    1 Ravenwing Apothecary with standard equipment
    1 Ravenwing with standard equipment
    2 Ravenwings with flamers
    Ravenwing Attack Squadron, 300
    1 Ravenwing Sergeant
    1 Ravenwing attack bike with multimelta and standard equipment
    2 Ravenwings with flamers
    2 Ravenwings standard equipment
    Fast Attack: 675

    3x Ravenwing Landspeeder Squadron, 225

    1 Land Speeder typhoon missile heavy bolter
    2 Land Speeder with multimelta, heavy flamer

    thanks for any and all assistance

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    1 major thing to consider, is what unit types can capture and/or contest objectives.

    Now Landspeeder can do neither, unless you roll certain missions.

    You could try this

    HQ - 205
    Master of Ravenwing - On Jet bike (can contest) 205

    Troop - 1140
    Full Ravenwing bike squadron + 2 flamers (230) + Attack bike with Multi-melta (50) and Lanspeeder with Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter (100) x3

    Fast Attack (150)
    Landspeeder Typhoon with Multi-melta (or heavy bolter) 75 x2 (I would field them as 2 seperate units, not a squadron)

    You have about 5 points left @ 1500, so 1 sergeant can have a melta-bomb

    This gives you 6 units that can capture (the bikes and the attack bikes are seperate units, but both count as troops) and if needed by the mission, you can combat squad the bikes so you get 9 capture units.

    You have anti-troop fire in 3 heavy bolters and 6 flamers, and all the bolters, you get anti-vehicle in 3 multi-meltas and 3 typhoon missile launchers, and 3 assault cannons that can do both, plus on the typhoon speeders, the multi-melta or bolter is the same price, so you can choose which area needs the firepower.

    Your HQ can also contest, so thats 6-9 capture units, and 7-10 contesting units. And thanks to costs within Ravenwing, you can swap multi-meltas for heavy bolters, or vice versa, on almost every unit that can field 1 without changing the costs of the army, while you seek balance.

    Oh, and it might be worth noting, we are all fully expecting a new Dark Angel codex for November (please, please, please)

    Feegle Out

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