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    I really want to get hold of a vendetta for some serious anti-tank power, but I don't know what I'm looking for. Does the Valkyrie kit come with Vendetta parts, or do I have to do some converting?

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    You need to buy the valk kit and then buy the Detta conversion kit from FW. IIRC it's about £15.

    And what do you mean "a" vendetta?! Lol

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    I converted mine...Why would I buy a kit from FW when I have dozens of spare HWT lascannon parts laying about that could be put to good use!?

    There are no Vendetta specific parts in the Valk kit, so yes it's either FW or converting. For mine? I went with something like this;

    But instead of using a dreadnought Lascannon I spliced two Valkyrie lascannons together for the front mounted lascannon. I also didn't use GS as I put two power cells on each lascannon mount as opposed to one.
    Hope that helps a bit.


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    someone in my gaming group took to unused dreadnought lascannon arms and glued them under each wing, and put one unudsed predator lascanon sponson on either side of the fusilage

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    I used a thunderbolt with the autocannons converted up into lascannons and then i simply just don't transport anyone in it as it looks more like a fighter plane... but i guess that's what i get for being offered a thunderbold for £30 as apposed to spending £40 odd on a valkyrie... speaking of which what are people's takes on the actual rules for a thunderbolt... i find them to be quite pricey points-wise even with the new Aeronautica book and i find they take up a much too valuable heavy support slot... can anyone give me opposing opinions? actually i'll probably make a thread on this...

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