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    Broken Records

    Decoding in progress.... Location Terra. Detailed analysis, London, in a island used to be called United Kingdom.

    -So brother you believe he knew all along?
    -Yes brother.It was all planned, but it didn't work out the way he wanted.
    -Knowledge is power and he had almost unlimited access how could he fail?
    -U and me are living proofs that the warp cant be trusted.Its visions eventhough they contain truth they are clouded.
    -How did it all happened?
    -Well few are known for the distant past.. The records go back to 2 races the Necrontyr and the Old Ones.You know the Necrotyr brother, you grow up with them as father wished..The Necrontyr wage war against the OldOnes out of jealousy over that ancient species' long lifespans and extraordinary accomplishments, a conflict later called the War in Heaven by the Eldar. The Necrontyr begin to lose this war because of the OldOnes' psychic abilities and more advanced technology and contact the intelligent energy beings called the C'tanforaid. In turn, the C'tan have the Necrontyr create exoskeletons forthem from the living metal called necrodermis so that they can interact with solid matter. The C'tan also trick the Necrontur into transferring their own consciousnesses into robotic bodies created from necrodermis which ultimately results in their becoming the C'tan's new race of non-sentient slaves called the Necrons. The newly-created Necrons then purge almost all life from the Milky Way in order to feed the C'tan.Most know all this brother thats nothing new.
    -Yes thats the general story about them 60 million years ago eventhough u brother must know more about the Old Ones having leaved among them...
    -We are not here to open a 60 million war again brother we are here for the father.
    -Xenos are the key in finding what happened to the father.
    -I believe all is the work of chaos.Xenos are just pawns of chaos as humanity gonna be soon enough.
    -So lets see what info we have on both xenos and chaos.

    Decoding.....Record broken....

    -Now you are mistaken brother they are both in the servece of chaos, but they dont have the taint of chaos as those from the eye of terror.
    -So our father had us killed to preserve us, 9 we lost and 9 left to die.
    -He also left his brother rot on the golden throne.And all this for what?
    -Tell us Grandfather why?
    -Your father,my son, the Emperor forsaw the future and the past.You two play key parts in the events to come.Now go gather the rest of your brothers and go find your father so we may finally know the end of this story...

    Decoding......Record broken....

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    Deconding in progress...Location Lucius.Detailed analysis,Tartara,Imperial Forge World Titan manifactorium.

    -Give me detail analysis of the Lucius planet.
    -Lucius,imperial forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus that is located in the Segmentum Obscurus.
    -The planet is home to the Legio Astorum, a Loyalist Titan Legion, that is also known as the "Warp Runners."
    -What are the planets production capabilities?
    -Lucius is a large Forge World that produces everything from Imperial Guard infantry weapons to Space Marine battle tanks and mighty Battle Titans of the Collegia Titanica. It is known that Lucius is a Production Grade III-Prima Forge World with a Tithe Grade of Aptus Non, meaning it pays no tithe to the Administratum, as its industrial output is considered of potent strategic valure for the Imperium in and of itself.
    -Lucius supplies the weaponry, vehicles, and other needed war material to the Imperial Guard regiments known as the Death Korps of Krieg, so imperial guard will be well equipted but i need more powerful vehicles.
    -The forges of Lucius are very capable of constructing many of the rarest and most powerful vehicles in the Imperium, such as the Baneblade, Shadowsword, Stormblade, and Stormlord, along with many more common vehicles such as the Imperial Guard's Manticore, Trojan, Destroyer Tank Hunter, Vulture, Salamander, and Valkyrie
    -It will do then.Infrastucture is good enough to equipt the Legion.Improvements need to be made but we can start.

    Decoding......Record broken....

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    Deconding in progress...Location Space Hulk "Apocalypse".

    -So brother u think the space hulks we created are enough for the task?
    -No, they will never be we need more data.This seems futile..Few survive and even fewer are worth in the end.
    -Father knows better brother, have faith.

    Deconding ....Record Broken....

    -The Ordo Malleus was at one time tracking 900 individual Hulks, but many more exist throughout the galaxy.
    -We need to gather them all and combine them brother.
    -Yes brother merge them with the "Apocalypse" for its final journey.
    -We need to send more space marines to explore the lost ones in order to make sure everything is in order..
    -Battlefleets are in motion to the task, worry not brother.
    -I hope we find what is lost before he will brother else all is lost...

    Deconding....Record Broken...

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    Decoding in progress.... Location Terra. Detailed analysis, London, in a island used to be called United Kingdom.

    -That brother is herecy...
    -You know too little brother to call that herecy..
    -So you are implying,that the Emperor is alive and not on the throne!
    -I am not implying, i am telling you.The zombie on the throne is not him.
    -Then where is he?
    -All in due time brother..all in due time..

    Decoding.....Record broken....

    -Ok you got me.I now know, i know nothing!
    -Well lets say u know parts of the truth.
    -I have killed chaos abominations, deamons,orcs,tyranids,tau,necrons,eldars their dark brothers and a few other xenos i cant remember now and you are telling me that they are not the real threat!!Damn you what else is out there?
    -There is a shadow lurking brother.It was defeated long time ago by the Old ones...
    -What do we know about this shadow?
    -The C'tan are his minions and our only known connection to it so far.
    -Wait!I remember the C'tan are Necron.I have destroyed Necron you make no sence brother..
    -...Our father the Emperor was contacted during the Great crusade from someone for a matter of great importance.He left the crusade to the hands of his beloved child Horus knowing what was to follow.
    -He knew!!
    -Yes he knew but it had to be done.Chaos has a role to play and sacrifices were needed in order for creation to survive!

    Decoding.....Record broken....

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    Decoding in progress.... Location Xerses Quintus. Detailed analysis,fifth planet of a harsh white sun.

    -There was a good reason why this is hidden brother!
    -Forbitten knowledge is forbitten for those that dont understand it brother..
    -You can not let them into this world again brother, father forbid even speaking their name.
    -The time of the apocalypse is at hand brother and when that time come i need them by my side not against me.
    -Yes but the moment they see you will die, how can you even reason with them.
    -Well brother i am not going.Horus was corrupted for a reason and guess who is helping us.

    Decoding.....Record Broken..

    -Why are we again here my lord? I dont see anything in these ruins.
    -You are here on orders.Information is on need to know basis and you dont need to know.
    -If i am to die today i was wondering if i could know the reason.10 terminator squads are more than enough to annihilate a planet and we are scouting ruins...
    -Knowledge is power for those that have it but also a burdain for some.You dont need to know for your sake brother.
    -I have fought by your side countless battles a variety of xenos in much smaller numbers so this troubles me.
    -Oh we are not just the 10 terminator squad.Reinforcements are in orbit.I have ordered Titans Legion to be on stand by.
    -Titans my lord!!! Where are we heading....
    -All in due time.You already know too much.I need you to trust me on this and nomatter what you see have faith in me.

    Decoding....Record Broken....

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    Decoding in progress.... Location Accatran.Detailed analysis,Forge World is the homeworld of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Legio Destructor Titan Legion, also known as the Beasts of Steel. The planet is located in the Ultima Segmentum.

    -Servitor give me information about the Dark Age of Technology (M15-M25)
    -Archieves of Keeper Cripias. A group known as the Golden Men relied on the works of the Stone Men in order to create a fantastically prosperous interstellar society...
    -Hmm stone Men..continue servitor.
    -The Stone Men, focused upon the advancement of science and technology. The Stone Men are known to have created a third group, the Iron Men..
    -Iron Men i remember them as heretic machines..More data servitor.
    -Iron Men were some form of artificially intelligent robots,builded to assist the Stone Men in their labors and carry out military duties. The Iron Men became uncontrolled and rebelled against their human creators, and a cataclysmic conflict broke out, resulting in Catastrophe across much of the settled galaxy in which there were no longer enough resources to support the vast populations of human beings.
    -About psyckers servitor.
    -Following the destruction caused by the war against the Iron Men, human psykers began to appear in large numbers across many human colony worlds, one of the harbingers of the final decline of the Eldar empire which controlled even more of the galaxy than mankind did in these years. The result was humanity's first introduction to the daemonic horrors of the Warp and the ultimate collapse of human interstellar civilization during what became known as the Age of Strife.
    -So much to thank the Eldar for...Damn xenos now we must clear their mess and failures...

    Deconding....Record Broken....

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    Decoding in progress.... Location Chaeronia.Detailed analysis,former Forge World,lost in the warp.

    -So the STC Titan has been destroyed by the Grey Knights.
    -Yes my lord.Due to tech-herecy an exterminatus also took place.
    -What happened to the few loyal Adeptus Mechanicus troops that survived?
    -They were extracted before the exterminatus.
    -The boy is with them?
    -Yes my lord. Khârn's son is alive, safely retrieved from the warp by the Adeptus Mechanicus troops.
    -Our task is done lets move from this chaos wasteland.

    Decoding.....Record Broken....

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    Deconding in progress....Location Space Hulk "Apocalypse".

    -So brother it seems inquisitions stupidity has no bounds...
    -Nope its infinite!
    -Enough of your bubling.I need the facts.Comments leave them out.
    -Well an exterminatus was cast uppon the hive world where he was kept secret.
    -An exterminatus!Results of the exterminatus?
    -Well by the Emperor usually everything dies brother.
    -U are new, are you not brother.You dont know what was kept secret in that hive world do you.
    -Nothing survives an exterminatus brother.
    -Well nothing of the mortal world maybe.We need to retrieve him before he is awaken.
    -The screams of a few billion dying at the same time, so near him, will certainly draw his attention.
    -Whats so special about him brother?
    -Well he is a weapon.A weapon created by the Old Ones to destoy Hives.A weapon so powerful no hive tried to enter our galaxy for millions of years.
    -Then why bury it and why not used against the necrons?
    -The answer is simplier than you realize.It can not be destroyed and can not be used against non living creatures.It is a Yngir engineered by the old ones to serve them.More powerful than the rest and at the same time the weaker.
    -A reason i hate this council meetings..How can it be more powerful and weaker the same time brother?
    -Well let me put it this way.Imagine it as a mortal human.A weakling that can hurt noone.Every time you hit him he becomes more and more powerful.As long as there are enemies hitting him his power grows.If the enemy is a hive he is the most powerful being you will ever meet.If nothing attacks him he is powerless.
    -So the old ones knew what they were doing in a matter of sense.Creating a powerful weapon that cant be turned against them.Leaving him at peace just leaves him weak.
    -Hmm you know this weapon is dangerous at a time when the only thing that thrives is war?
    -Brother you said it is Yngir, correct me if i am wrong.Isnt that the name Eldars used for the C'tan!

    Deconding...Record Broken...

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    Deconding in progress...Location Adrantis V.Detailed analysis, Segmentum Pacificus.

    -What have you find?
    -You know brother Adrantis V was a human-settled, extremely technologically advanced planet which had been separated from the Imperium of Man for over five thousand years.
    -Yes i know and was conquered by Lord Commander Solar Macharius during the Macharian Crusade in the Segmentum Pacificus.
    -The planet's population were technologically very advanced and hard to conquer.They were succumbed to a redirected comet.
    -Macharius said that 'Of its secrets, nothing now remains'.
    -Well thats not entirely correct.
    -Explain yourself brother.
    -We found archieves, history records of spacemarines visiting the planet some 3.000 years ago.
    -Hmm this planet was lost to the imperium for over 5000 years.Who visited? Chaos or Imperial Space marines?
    -Well to be honest the record destribe them in black and white armors.
    -Hmm most likely a renegate chapter.
    -Yes thats what i thought at first but that was not what troubled me.
    -The number of the space marines were not flexible 1000-man units.
    -Dont recall any crusade these parts that chronological period.
    -Indeed and according to the records it was the size of an entire Space Marine Legion!
    -Do we have more details in the archieves?
    -Well most of it is destroyed but there are a few troublesome details saved.
    -Troublesome details?Chaos taints or xenos influence?
    -Nope.Neither.Armored beings were descended uppon the planets surface a description near Terminators named "Vikings" accompanied with females in powerarmor suits named "Valkeries".
    -Ok so the chapter had terminators and women in powerarmor. What troubles you?
    -What troubles me is some pieces of the record that says the "Valkeries" were the wifes of the "Vikings"...
    -Hmmm... By the Emperor! Space marines with families! An entire Legion?
    -Well dear brother imagine them reproducing as normal humans and raising superhuman kids while wondering the stars like renegates...
    -By the Emperor i never found anything like this before.Do we have a name of their leader or representantive?
    -Archieve speak of someone named Archangel.
    -Thats a title or a name?
    -Name.Archangel the "Goth"
    -In that case we found traces of the 11th Legion First Chaplain.This information is to be destroyed and all records erased.You never heard anything about it and you will never speak of it again.

    Deconding.....Record Broken...

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    Deconding in progress...Location New Terra.Detailed analysis, Andromeda Galaxy.

    -Give me the intel they have about this failed project the Primarchs.
    -The Emperor created 20 primarchs to serve him, each commanding a Legion.
    -Names of the Primarchs and their Legions.

    1st Primarch Lion El'Jonson The Lion Homeworld Caliban Legion Name Dark Angels Allegiance Loyal
    2nd Primarch Deleted from Imperial record
    3rd Primarch Fulgrim The Phoenician Homeworld Chemos Legion Name Emperor's Children Allegiance Traitor
    4th Primarch Perturabo Lord of Iron Homeworld OlympiaLegion Name Iron Warriors Allegiance Traitor
    5th Primarch Jaghatai Khan Homeworld Mundus Planus Legion Name White Scars Allegiance Loyal
    6th Primarch Leman Russ Wolf King or Great Wolf Homeworld Fenris Legion Name Space Wolves Allegiance Loyal
    7th Primarch Rogal Dorn Homeworld Inwit Legion Name Imperial Fists Allegiance Loyal
    8th Primarch Konrad Curze Night Haunte rHomeworld Nostramo Legion Name Night Lords Allegiance Traitor
    9th Primarch Sanguinius The Angel Homeworld Baal Legion Name Blood Angels Allegiance Loyal
    10th Primarch Ferrus Manus The Gorgon Homeworld Medusa Legion Name Iron Hands Allegiance Loyal
    11th Primarch Deleted from Imperial records
    12th Primarch Angron Red Angel Homeworld Nuceria Legion Name World Eaters Allegiance Traitor
    13th Primarch Roboute Guilliman Homeworld Macragge Legion Name Ultramarines Allegiance Loyal
    14th Primarch Mortarion Death Lord Homeworld Barbarus Legion Name Death Guard Allegiance Traitor
    15th Primarch Magnus the Red Red Cyclops, Crimson King Homeworld Prospero Legion Name Thousand Sons Allegiance Traitor
    16th Primarch Horus Lupercal Homeworld Cthonia Legion Name Sons of Horus Allegiance Traitor
    17th Primarch Lorgar Aurelian or Urizen Homeworld Colchis Legion Name Word Bearers Allegiance Traitor
    18th Primarch Vulkan Homeworld Nocturne Legion Name Salamanders Allegiance Loyal
    19th Primarch Corvus Corax Homeworld Deliverance Legion Name Raven Guard Allegiance Loyal
    20th Primarch Alpharius Omegon Homeworld Unknown Legion Name Alpha Legion Allegiance Traitor

    -Hmm interesting ..Do we have current status of these weapons, the Primarchs?
    -Yes my Lord eventhough we dont have much intel on all of them.
    -Tell me what we have now, their Legion name and current status

    • Legion I Lion El'Jonson Current status alive, asleep within a secret chamber on the Rock.
    • Legion II Deleted from Imperial records
    • Legion III Fulgrim Current status Daemon Prince.
    • Legion IV Perturabo Current status Daemon Prince, ruler of Medrengard.
    • Legion V Jaghatai Khan Current status Unknown, disappeared into the Webway.
    • Legion VI Leman Russ Current status Unknown, disappeared into the Eye of Terror.
    • Legion VII Rogal Dorn Current status Died in a Black Crusade.
    • Legion VIII Konrad Curze Current status Dead, assassinated by Callidus assassin M'Shen.
    • Legion IX Sanguinius Current status Dead, slain by Horus.
    • Legion X Ferrus Manus Current statusDead, slain by Fulgrim and his head offered to Horus.
    • Legion XI Deleted from Imperial records
    • Legion XII Angron Current status Daemon Prince.
    • Legion XIII Roboute Guilliman Current status Mortally wounded by Fulgrim currently held in stasis, healing.
    • Legion XIV Mortarion Current status Daemon Prince, ruler of the Plague Planet.
    • Legion XV Magnus the Red Current status Daemon Prince, ruler of the Planet of Sorcerers.
    • Legion XVI Horus Current status Dead, slain by the Emperor.
    • Legion XVII Lorgar Current status Daemon Prince, ruler of Sicarus.
    • Legion XVIII Vulkan Current status Unknown, disappeared.
    • Legion XIX Corvus Corax Current status Unknown, disappeared, last seen heading for the Eye of Terror.
    • Legion XX Alpharius Omegon Current status Unknown

    -So according to this information 5 of them are dead, 5 of them missing, 6 of them became Deamon Prince, 2 of them have deleted records and a couple more in hybernation.
    -Indeed my Lord there is no Loyal Primarch serving the Imperium right now all dead or missing.On the other hand the traitors have 6 Deamon Princes 2 dead and 1 with status unknown.
    -A failed project the Primarchs..Gather up what information we have for each of them I need to know everything about my brothers failures.

    Decoding ..... Record Broken ....

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    Deconding in progress...Location Cadia.Detailed analysis,Fortress World which guards the entrance to the Eye of Terror.

    -Unless there is Abaddon at the gates, lauching another Black crusade, you are in big trouble for this disturbance.
    -My Lord we got a code Black dated in M15.Its 25.000 years old transmission..
    -So why this ancient history transmission is so important.
    -It is from a colony outpost withinn the Eye of Terror during the war with The Men of Iron.
    -Do I look like a Librarian that likes relics of the past? Tell me whats so important about it and make it fast.
    -The transmission has intel about a warp experiment conducted by The Men of Iron that formed the Eye of Terror.
    -Yea but the Eye of Terror was formed around 25th Millennium.
    -Indeed my Lord you are correct, but the Immaterium Warp Storms that herald the violent birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh and the Fall of the Eldar, were created by The Men of Iron according to this message!
    -Warp weapons! Immaterium Warp Storms, were weapons made by The Iron Men!
    -Yes my Lord.Meant to destroy,cut communications and paralize the human federation and its xenos allies.
    -Wait! that message its 25.000 years old, who or what transmitted it now.
    -Well thats the bad news my Lord.An Iron Armada emerged from the warp withinn the Eye of Terror.The message was most likely intercepted by them and now that they came back to real space the message got to us.
    -You are telling me an Armada of Men of Iron with weapons from the Dark age of technology emerged from the warp?
    -Yes my Lord.Several planets withinn the Eye of Terror are no more.The Iron Armada consumes and destoys everything in its path.
    -Emperor protect! Inform the council, a shadow from the past has come back to destoy us all.

    Decoding ..... Record Broken ...

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    Decoding in Progress....Location Unknown.

    -So why are we on vacation brother? Training is over we should be combat ready.
    -According to the apothecary after the 9 months trainning, we need 3 months of vacation to heal our minds.
    -My mind is fine I dont need vacations.I am ready to do my duty and bring glory to the chapter!
    -This may also be a test brother.Lets see how well you stand, without the urge to kill, after all the horrors you saw in training..
    -Hmm If you are putting it this way brother I think I need the vacations after all...

    Decoding .....Record Broken

    -You retrieved him from the space hulk.Whats his status?
    -Well he is alive.Techpriests and apothecaries are with him now.
    -If he is alive, why cant I speak with him now.
    -For starters, we still trying to find out what language he speaks..
    -He is speaking non-imperial dialect or xenos one?
    -From what little I undestood, he is speaking Hellinic, some ancient Terra dialect, lost many milenia ago.
    -What about his armor.He seemed to me wearing terminator armor.What chapter is he from?
    -Ehmm about that..He has a storm shield of some sort, with runes engraved on it.Seems more like an astral map.He has a sword similar to Grey knights Nemesis Force sword.I find the sword even stranger than the shield.The blade changes colors often..
    -Yea ok, I didnt ask about his weapons.I asked what chapter is he from.
    -Was going to get to that.He seem to be from no known chapter.
    -No insignia on his armor found?
    -No chapter insignia I am afraid.
    -When I asked from what chapter he was you descibed me his weapons.What are you hiding brother?
    -He is not human or xenos the spacemarine-like creature, we found in terminator armor brother.He is friendly though.
    -By the Emperor! Deamon ?
    -Not really.He is an iron man from the Dark Age of Technology.And not just any iron man.He is an Standard Template Construct.
    -The STC was an advanced, artificially intelligent computer data system designed to provide construction details for human colonists during Mankind's early interstellar expansion across the Milky Way Galaxy.How can he ... it be a STC??
    -Well brother we retrieved a STC from the spacehulk.A STC made on planet Mars. A STC in human form wearing terminator armor.A STC with a name!The insignia on his armor gives us his name.Ares, the ancient Greek God of War.
    -So I imagine this STC has designs for weapons?
    -Emperor protect!Ares is either our salvation, or our doom.

    Deconding ......Record Broken

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    Decoding in progress....Location Leviathan "Hermes".Detailed analysis void space.

    Captains log' ..
    -Its been over 10.000 years since we started this journey.We are finally reaching destination.The Emperor of Mankind ordered us to deliver the cargo to New Terra in Andromeda Galaxy.Warp travel was not an option or gateway travel, like the ones used by the Old Ones and the Eldar.

    Many things are unclear to me, but I am not here to pass judjement on the Emperor.Erebus was ordered by the Emperor to bring chaos.A job he did successfully.Brother fought brother, yet the Emperor himself did not fight along with his loyal ones.He stayed in Terra.He knew all about chaos and the betrayal, because he planned it...Magnus the Red tried to warn him about Horus and doing so he used the warp, something that disturbed the Emperors plan a bit...All his children were manipulated by him for the greater good of Mankind in the end.

    Records indicate he was contacted by the Primarch of the XI Legion for a matter of great importance during the Great Crusade.The contents of the message were simple not good news.Forces that had made the galaxy a wasteland before were mobilizing to do the same again.Counter measures needed to be taken in order for Mankind to survive.

    I dont know the exact intelligence the Primarch of the XI Legion gave the Emperor but I can make a couple of good guesses.

    One threat must have been the Necrons and the C'tan.Having the Primarch of the II Legion raised among them gave the Emperor enough intel about them.To counter them he needed the forces that once they feared the most,the Enslavers.Chaos had to been brought into play.The Ruinous Powers are allied to noone so they have to be manipulated by the Emperor.They are not considered a threat but a tool to the Emperor hands.Sacrifices are in order and a plan send in motion long ago must be followed through.Half his Primarch had to follow the Ruinous Powers on their own will.Only the 2 missing would know the truth of their fathers plan.
    Another threat were the Tyranids.Huge hive fleets that consumed all in their path.I believe the Emperor has a surprise for them, If they ever fully appear in the galaxy.Only scout hive fleets seem to be tracking the beacon for now, as if they fear or suspect something.The hunter is carefully stalking his pray here, letting the hive fleets think they are powerful enough to enter the galaxy and consume once more.
    The third and the biggest threat was hidding in the void.....

    Decoding ....Record Broken...

    -Yes we are able of warp travel.We even have Old Ones tech on the Leviathan.The journey to New Terra had to be secret.Warp has many eyes and the webways are tracked by xenos you cant even imagine.
    The cargo must be delivered to the Human Federation of the Andromada Galaxy as the Emperor will it, even if it takes us 10.000 years of travel.

    Decoding...Record Broken....

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    Broken Records
    Decoding in progress.... Location Terra. Detailed analysis, London, in a island used to be called United Kingdom.

    -What kind of Deamon are you!! Why cant you die damn it..
    -The worst kind spacemarine...I am human!A human that is killing for millenia.Even Deamons are kinder than me....
    -No man leaves for millenia Deamon..You cant be human.
    -I am an Imperial Thunder Warrior spacemarine, or at least used to be long time ago.
    -Lies! Those Thunder Warriors were the genetically-engineered warriors of Terra created by the Emperor of Mankind to unite the homeworld of humanity beneath his rule in the 30th Millennium.
    -You know nothing of the truth spacemarine.You live in the Dark and will die in the Dark!
    -Die Deamon in the name of the Emperor!
    -Death will come for me spacemarine, some time, but not by your hand, and not as long as the zombie Emperor still exists...

    Decoding..... Record Broken...

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    Deconding in progress...Location Space Hulk "Apocalypse".

    Two Terminators patrolling the control room in the Apocalypse.

    -So brother, what did the Librarian say?
    -You talk about the Psychological tests, right?
    -Yes, I kinda hate those.
    -Well he said I am too violant even for Space marine standards.
    -And what did you do about it?
    -Oh! you mean with his dead body......

    Decoding..... Record Broken..

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    Decoding in Progress....Location Terra. Detailed analysis,Vault of the Apocalypse 10.000 metres under the Stonehedge.

    -My kind captain! You know little of my kind.
    -I know your kind kaino..
    -I am Yngir captain.I was sleeping for millenia until the entity you call Emperor found me and awaken me.
    -I see infront of me a spacemarine in chains not a C'tan.
    -Your eyes deceit you captain.
    -You are not human?!..
    -It is not the first time i am transfered into a body.Necrontyr made Necrodermis for me milenia ago and recently your Emperor gave me one of his clone bodies.
    -If that is true then you are a being of tremendous power.How and why are you in chains.
    -Your Emperor ... well lets say I killed many of his kind long time ago..During the time of my rest he found the time he needed to become powerfull enough to chain me.
    -Return? The Emperor of Mankind is sovereign of the Imperium of Man,Father, Guardian and God of his race.
    -Well he is not of the human race.Not by far.The manifestation you saw 40.000 earth years ago, the anathema the daemonkind use to describe him is an Old One.
    -Emperor an alien...I am tired of your lies and illusions.
    -Well believe what you want, that doesnt change the fact.The entidy you call Emperor used, and is using the human race, the way the C'tan used the Necrontyr.You are slaves and your time captain is near.
    -I am done here.

    Decoding ....Record Broken....

    -Captain what are you doing here? You spoke with prisoner kaino?
    -Yes inquisitor eventhough i tried not to.
    -The Vault of the apocalypse is to open only by the Emperor himself.
    -I know inquisitor but a force draw me there.I suddenly knew the Vault.How to open it and find him.
    -The prisoner inside the Vault is too dangerous to interact with.
    -Inquisitor are all this true?
    -I am the guardian of the Vault captain.I am for the last 50.000 years.I know.
    -That cant be...
    -You know too much captain.Time of the Apocalypse is not yet. Emperor has plans.
    -Now what.If all this is true my death is near?
    -Not yet my dear captain you have a role to play to this grand scheme.We all have.
    But enough.It is time for you to sleep and your restoration progress to begin.There is work to be done and not much time...

    Decoding in Progress.....Record Broken....

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    Decoding in progress...Location Terra.Detailed analysis, London, in a island used to be called United Kingdom.

    -Why you want to awake him?
    -I need an ally to help me on the crusade.
    -May i remind you..He is in stasis for a GOOD REASON..
    -I thought you know NO FEAR spacemarine..
    -Its your funeral! I will not help you, but i will be there to bring him back..
    -Guards bring Khârn's son aboard the Leviathan, we depart soon for the Eye of Terror!

    Decoding in progress.....Record Broken....

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    Decoding in progress...Location Unknown.

    -Make no mistake.... we are alone here!...
    -Only we stand against them...... for several hundreds of light years.....
    -The Blood dept must be paid..
    -We are monsters my brother.... we can never live in peace....
    -Shadowed and veiled ......
    -Deathbringers prepare for war!!

    Decoding in progress....Record Broken...

    -What happened here! This planet seems dead.Any sings of the orcs?
    -Exterminatus inquisitor..
    -Yes, but it is not on the records! Also no evidence of weapons of mass destruction..Captain send a squad down there to investigate.
    -Yes my lord.
    -What records we retrieved from the planet servitor?
    -A tyranid hive fleet was on its way here, so preparations were made to defend against it.
    -Preparations? Give me a detailed analysis.
    -The forge world became a Fortress.Titan legions were stationed on the planet.The planet guard numbered 25 million strong.An armada was stationed in orbit too.Ground forces had Baneblades, Shadowswords, Stormblades, and Stormlords, along with many more common vehicles such as the Imperial Guard's Manticores, Trojans, Destroyer Tank Hunters, Vultures, Salamanders, and Valkyries.
    -Captain report.
    -No life signs inquisitor.Everything down here is in ruins.No orcs found either.
    -Sir sorry to interrupt.Signs of demon gates were located.
    -Demon gates?! I thought the enemy were Tyranids.
    -The planet fell to chaos several years ago..A warp storm appeared and demon gates opened..
    -Scan all records retrieved, I want to know what else was here before the warp storm.
    -Records indicate Tyranid presence on the surface.Not much can be salvaged most data records are scrapped.
    -A hive fleet collide on the planet.Most likely they wasted the armada on orbit and the planet defences.
    -Then someone summoned a warp storm and opened demon gates on the planet.
    -Does this make any sense?
    -And what about the orcs we hunted to this sector.They are nowhere to be found.
    -We have evidence of 3 armies making war on the planet but who won?
    -This planet was rippped of all life.We are missing something..
    -Orcs most likely came here for the salvage.
    -Servitor scan the imperial records we have on the sector.
    -Inquisitor all records we have on the sector are deleted.
    -Deleted!!By who?
    -By the emperor himself 40.000 years ago....
    -I have a bad feeling about this..Servitor I want a channel opened with Ordo Astartes and Ordo Thanatos.
    -There is a webway on the moon of the forge world, or at least whats left of it.That means the Eldar were here too..
    -I want a complete scan of the sun in this system.
    -What are we looking for inquisitor?
    -A C'tan.If you find one feeding on the sun, then most likely the Deathbringers are near....
    -Deathbringers my lord!
    -A renegate chapter of the XI Legion.They are not friends of the Imperium but they protect the Imperium nevertheless.
    -Now i know what happened captain.A hive fleet attacked the planet.Their assault was furius and all defences were destroyed.The planet governor in order to save his live and that of the aristocrats, summoned a warp storm and demons to defend them against the Tyranids.Meanwhile the Deathbringers intercepted a distress call from the planet and came to aid them.The recent destroyed webway means the Eldar were monitoring the Hive fleet.When the Deathbringers arrived the human were all destroyed sacrificed or consumed..That meant only one thing for the Deathbringers, a Blood dept must be paid...So they purged all life...Not even the observer Eldar got away from their wrath.
    -How can a renegate chapter kill all those inquisitor.It is impossible.
    -We are being watched captain.The only reason we are alive is that we are human and poss no threat to them.Lets keep it that way.In a few days the sun will go supernova and all life will be erased.
    -Prepare the fleet we are leaving the sector.Delete all records we were NEVER here and noone heard of the Deathbringers....

    Decoding in progress ...Record Broken....

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    Decoding in progress.... Location Artemis. Detailed analysis ....

    -What planet is that?
    -Planet Artemis captain.
    -Planet Artemis? Damn this was an imperial world that came under heavy attack by Chaos forces.
    -Yes in their attack they used even Traitor Titans!
    -Correct me if i am wrong..Wasnt Artemis the site of a massive warp rift, which spawned a deamon so huge it was literally several dozen times larger than imperator class Titan?
    -Yeap thats true...

    Decoding in progress.....Record Broken....

    There are some laws never written and never broken!...
    -So who is the target captain.
    -A brother.We are here to kill a brother....

    Decoding in progress....Record Broken....

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    Decoding in Progress ...Location Necron Tomb World Gheden. Detailed analysis ....

    -Now what genius!
    -Well we did manage to contain them..
    -You managed to destroy our only way out of this damn planet..
    -All we need to do is to find the Dolmen Gate.
    -Most are destroyed by the Eldar.
    -Isnt the mission a success since we got the necrons phase techonlogy?
    -We cant use the phase tech unless you want Necron to track us down..
    -Yea even though we have the tech some improvements are needed.
    -Get back to the shipwreck and pray the Jokaero can fix us something usefull with the phase tech...

    Decoding in progress.....Record Broken....

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