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    IG Conversion Ideas

    So I always like to add a touch of personal flare to my armies, and my first 40k army will be no exception. I already have my first two planned out; for one, my Valkyrie needs to look more like a WWII bomber, so big propellers and a pinup-girl painting reading 'go get em boys!' or something to that effect. Second, the Sentinels are just begging to be turned into mech-warrior timberwolves, putting the guns on arm-like extensions and mounting extra rockets to each shoulder should do the trick.
    But here's my quandry, I'd like to use Orgyns in my force, but something about adding fantasy creatures to a military-like army just doesn't sit right with me. So it's time to figure out some kind of conversion job to stand in for the big dumb lugs! I like to mix the classic military feel with almost industrial-type future technology. Any ideas on what could make a good conversion? I was thinking of making mech-suited soldiers like Ripley at the end of Aliens, but wouldnt know where to start finding appropriate pieces...

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    your local gaming shop might have a few minture catalogs that you can browse through for suitable minis or conversion bitz.

    also, since you mentioned mechwarrior. maybe go for an Elemental-style battlesuit to count-as your ogryn.

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    This is one of the better powerloader conversions out there (2/3rds of the way down).

    Being mostly plasticard and plastic bitz (swap the scouts out of Cadians maybe?) you should be able to semi-mass produce them once you've knocked up a prototype and taken measurements.

    I'm trying to find a way of putting a bigger version of one in my Guard army (from the AVP 2 game):

    Unfortunately the only thing I can think of with that kind of firepower is a Cheeseknight from the Grey Knights book, and I think they've binned inq. stormtroopers haven't they? [/TooMuchFaff]

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    It may get expensive and a little big, but what about 3-5 dreadnoughts without the Dreadnought casing over the front. You could create a seat in place of the covered tomb for a Cadian/Catachan Guardsman. You'd have to use the close combat arm to represent the strength of the Ogryns. Then you could mount a stubber for the arm or on top of the Dreadnought.

    As I'm typing this, I'm realizing this may be a better Sentinel conversion, but it would be neat to see that many heavy pieces. They still have Ogryn stat lines, but it may have a psychological effect on your enemy seeing 3-5 Dreadnought models walking at them.

    Just my 2-cents - Murdoc

    Imperial Guard
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