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    Brand new to warhammer, Splinter canon question

    So I am brand new to warhammer, i have been painting for a while but now i want to play.

    I have done some research and of course with 7th just hitting things change.
    Before it seems like you wanna to put splinter canons on warriors, is still that still the case?

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    splinter cannons are just as useful in 7th as they were in 6th, so yes, it would be a good idea to use as many splinter cannons in your warrior squads as the codex permits

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    10 warriors=access to splinter cannons
    I think they can be as useful now as they were in 6th, but are definitely more points efficient on venoms
    10 kabalites w/splinter cannon=90 points per Cannon
    1 venom w/dual splinter cannon=32.5 points per Cannon

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