Hello all,

As you know in general there have been ups and downs for 40k/WHFB and affiliated sites these last few years. And while we are not quite as prosperous as we once were, I am very thankful for all of you who continue to make this community blossom through the seasons. Old timers and usual suspects have moved on, their eyes set on family and other hobbies. And that's ok, we wish them the best! We miss our old friends, but we are excited to continue on with all of our new comrades. So I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to all of you from the 40kforums crew!

Now, we also have some new undertakings hopefully in the works. This includes but is not limited to: New Starter Lists Suggestions, a revitalization of articles and a pushing for our members to deliver even more meaningful content. We are not changing site layout or anything of that nature...we are simply asking for more contributions from our members who know so much about this hobby. I wish I could populate the whole board with info, and then just open it to discussion, but you guys know far more than I do about GW now. So get out there and take on a project for yourself and for the forums. If you have any ideas, run it past myself or Drakon!

On a business note, as you see, we have been without sponsors for a while now, generating all income for the forum from google ads, vigilinks and user donations. And I'm happy to report that this is still working! This allows use to continue on without needing support from retailers and such to put their banners on the forum. And of course, everyone who has donated to 1st Co. still has that setting for life (contact me if something went awry there). So if you feel like tossing a few bucks to the forum, we appreciate your gift that helps keep us independently operated. But their are plenty of other ways to help out that don't involve parting with hard earned cash! User content is what drives the forum most!

So again, Happy Holidays, and thanks for another great year,
-Arch and the Team