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    [Laptop having problems, I may not have steady Internet for a while, so posts will be short without any form of RP.]

    Gaseous Form
    Dispel Magic

    Ask around for a map and the situation around our general area. Specifically I want to know what lies north, east, and west of my position. Hint if necessary, that there may be something magical in those areas that I'd would have to take an interest in.

    My Mod voice is bold. Feel free to PM me if you feel you can help the Forums in any way!
    Your father cheers, your mother cries, that is the lot of the soldier.
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    Ask around about the axes I keep seeing while helping around, I imagine there is a lot of cleaning up to do and I won't be accused of laying about... also avoid the pervy girl

    "My Lord! We're surrounded!!"
    "Excellent! Now we can attack in any direction"

    sneggy: no one is ever really the same
    DrakonTheNightLord: This fucking post... priceless
    GrrHero: General 40 and Draken are reason enough to play this game. You guys are hilarious.
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    Skamos will feed the bone dragon, talk to the villagers, help repair any damage, keep an eye out for any clues relating to the "she", the captain spoke of, and will meditate on the meaning of his dream.

    Fly and lightning bolt please and thank you.

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