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    Age of Signmar-an alternative idea: Part 5.

    This is the fifth part in my continuing (and somewhat unplanned) series on a different take on the whole End Times/Age of Sigmar narrative concept, for those of you who are still following it.

    Sorry it's taken this long to post, but there's been quite a lot on around here lately, and work commitments have got in the way somewhat.
    The good news is that I've a lot of the next part has been done, because I kind of being working on Parts 5 AND 6 more or less at the same time, so that shouldn't take too long next time.

    This part takes place immediately after Part 4.


    Once all the representatives had their attention on him, Valten made his move.

    He stood up, and unrolled a great map of the Old World on the large table in front of him.

    They looked at it with interest, for they were already familiar with the history of their world.
    Many times over the centuries Men, Elves and Dwarves have fought alongside together whenever it was needed, to overcome a common foe that they all have : The Forces of Darkness.

    Many times have the three races stood shoulder to shoulder, and came to the aid of each other, against Greenskins, Skaven, the Undead and the Legions of Chaos, and in each case the alliance between the three races was strong enough for them to defeat their enemies.

    Therefore, declared Valten, why not make the alliance and friendship between Elves, Dwarves and Men a PERMANENT one, rather then one that exists only in times of war?

    Why not loosen the political borders and boundaries between the different countries, so that trade between them could enable more freedom of movement for the races throughout the Old World?
    A vast Empire where Dwarves, Elves and Men of all cultures and creeds can come together and work together in harmony?

    By combining the lands of Kislev, Bretonnia, Tilea, Athel Loren, the Greyback Mountains and Ulthuan to form one single VAST empire, ruled by a council of seven noble lords of equal standing, that stretches from the northern point of the Troll country in the East to the shores of Tilea in the West, and along the coastline of the Empire in the north to the Grey Mountains in the south.

    UNIFICATION, that was the future. By the combining the lands of Bretonnia, Kislev, Athel Loren, Tilea, the Empire and the Grey Mountains and the Island of Ulthuan together, a realm could be created for the Free People that could rivel any empire in the Old World, in size and status.

    He proposed series of watchtowers and fortified outposts that ran for THOUSANDS of miles along the borders of this new Empire, watchtowers that ran from the North of the Troll Country, along the coastline of the Empire and Bretonnia, and reaching has far round as the Grey Mountains. Manned by Dwarves, Elves and Men alike, they would maintain constant vigilance amongst the Chaos threat that was ever present from the North and beyond.

    Likewise, the armies of Men, Elves and Dwarves would be encouraged to fight more openly alongside each other. Although each of the races will maintain their own unique weaponry and styles of fighting on the battlefield Valten wanted to encourage more openness amongst the three races-despite their cultural differences they were something of kindred spirits in the end, and so he envision who regiments of Elves, Dwarves and Men fighting shoulder to shoulder more frequently and commonly then ever before in history.

    For a few minutes they all sat still in silent contemplation. Such a proposal on a scale and complexity such has this had never been done before, and certainly not within any of their lifetimes (or the lifetimes of the generations alive today).

    The Old World was a vast continent where MILLIONS of people from all races lived. The sheer scope of all this was immense...

    At first there were some concern's about the impact this proposal of Valten's, however noble it was, could prove detrimental.

    Their biggest concern was how this would effect their cultural heritage. For many races (least of all the Dwarves, who for generations had seen many of their cultural heritage and historical artifacts lost and debased at the hands of their enemies, much of which has been lost forever) the idea of giving up the little that was left was simply unthinkable, least of all the Dwarves, who were well known for being staunch traditionalists.

    Valten understood their concerns about the loss of cultural artifacts to their allies, and so, in order to relieve their fears he announced that two proclamations would be included into the treaty.

    Firstly, that under the guidance of their elected leaders their governments would only submit both the revenue and the resources they could afford to spare outside the expenditure they needed for their own nations and societies, so that their own people would not go without what they needed to live (food, money, etc). Only the resources that they could spare would be submitted for all, for Valten was loathe to stir up feelings of resentment by the poorer, less fortunate people of the free world towards him.

    The second was that no artifact of historical or cultural significance towards that civilization would be given up.

    Valten recognized the need for every culture and race to preserve their history for future generations, especially the Dwarves who had already lost so much of the lands to the devastation caused by Skaven and Greenskins, and needed to preserve what was left for their descendants.
    Therefore, all heirlooms and historical artifacts (such has weapons, ancient texts etc) will remain within the possession of that race's government.

    Valten also announced that only the political borders of each of the countries would be abolished. Each of the seven races would retain their own unique cultural identities, in regards to religion, history, language and traditions.

    Even so, there was still much uncertainty and caution in their minds, and Valten knew that he still needed to convince them that this plan could work.
    And so, with the great plan laid out before them, they still continued to debate the details of it long into the night.

    Eventually, has midnight chimed, they all came to an agreement.

    Although they themselves agreed to the terms (and the long term benefits) of the treaty, each in turn would return to their country of origin and relay the details to their leaders.

    Valten was pleased with this, for he saw that much progress had been made, and much understanding and agreement between them had been achieved. Glad at the progress they have made, he encouraged them to do so, for this would effect everyone in the Old World.

    And so it was that within days the six of them would return home, each bearing a sealed copy of the treaty for which their liege would discuss it with their courtesans.

    Much debating took place in the courts of the Elves, Dwarves and Men across the Old World.

    And one by one, after much talking with their advisers, Alarielle, Grimir, Louen, Orion, Katerina and the court of Tilea eventually agreed the sense and reason has to what it was that Valten was proposing, and how ALL will share in it's benefits for years to come.

    And so, from the six different realms messengers were dispatched heading towards Middenheim, and although they came from different cultures and spoke different languages they all carried the same message:

    After much contemplation, the rulers of these realms agreed to these terms, and will travel to Middenheim to sign it in person.

    And thus did the great Assembly was began. Has the days passed the rulers of Ulthuan, Athel Loren, Tilea, Kislev, Bretonnia and Karak-Karaz began the long trek from their own lands, and started the long pilgrimage to Middenheim, surrounded by a caravan of armed warriors to protect them.
    And so, on the Summer solstice, at the banqueting table in the great hall of the palace at Middenheim, sat the seven great leaders of the Free People.

    At the head of the table on his ornate throne sat Valten, the New King and the spirit of Sigmar incarnate.

    Next to him sat Grimnir the Returned, last of the Ancestor Gods of the Dwali who dwelt in the mountains far to the south-west.

    To his right sat Louen Leoncouer, the Green King, the rightful ruler of Bretonnia made immortal by the spirit of Gilles le Breton and the divine Lady of the Lake.

    From the cold bleak lands of Kislev, to the north-west of the Empire, sat the Tzarina Katerina, the Ice Queen.

    From the far west came Alarielle, supreme Everqueen of Ulthuan, surrounded by a regiment of Handmaidens, her ever-present bodyguard whose sole purpose was to protect her at all times.

    From deep in the woods of Athel Loren came Orion, The High King of Athel Loren. Although he was accustomed to the lands of Men due to the Wild Hunt occasionally passing through such territories, it would be the first time that he had visited one of the Human settlements.

    Although the spirit of Kurnous was unafraid of the small mortal Humans, he did find the nature of their narrow, winding streets of stone buildings curious, whilst it was noted that most of the peasantry in Middenheim ran from his advancing presence, and hurried indoors to shut the windows and hide away in their homes, fearful that such a being was free to walk the city streets towards the Imperial Palace.

    And finally, acting in the interests of the Borderline Princes came Lupo , Prince of Luccini, resplendent in his full battle armor.

    Each one of them was accompanied by a whole retinue of followers from their own courts, mostly a regiment of the toughest and loyalist warriors from the country.

    Valten greeted each one in the courtyard of the palace, has a show of trust and friendship, whilst his own warriors fanfares with trumpets and stood in rank to attention.

    And so, around that great table sat the seven greatest leaders of the Old World. The huge parchment upon which the Declaration of Allegiance was written was placed in the center of the table, and one by one each of the seven great leaders would read it (for it was written in Elvish, Dwarfish and the language of Man), and one by one they would sign it.

    Has the last signature was written they all stood and looked at each other in silence, for it was only then that they all realized that, in that exact moment in that very room, history was being made, and that the history of the Old World would remember this one event for generations to come.

    The rulers had gathered. The Declaration had been signed. Now, all that was needed was for all seven rulers to return to their homelands, so that the great task of building and forging a new future for their descendants could begin....

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    For those of you still following this (and judging by the viewing figures I know some of you still are ), I do apologies for the extended delay in posting the next part.

    I have not forgotten this project, it's just that my personal life has, in the last month or so, taken a massive change, and I have needed to sort a few things out recently.

    I'll try and post it in the next few days (honest).

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