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    Age of Signmar-an alternative idea: Part 6.

    And so the great boundary was began.

    It started in Kislev, far to the North East of Praag, in the land called Troll Country.

    It was here that the first of the great watch towers was constructed, under the guidance of some of the best Engineers from the Empire and the Dwarfs.

    A huge towering edifice that stretched up to the sky, and manned by a unit of armed soldiers, the network of towers first started at the base of the Grey Mountains in the Troll Country and began to stretch West towards the Sea of Claws.

    Once they reached the coastline of the Sea of Claws they then began a path West along the shoreline until they reached the Empire.
    From here they crossed the Imperial border,along the shoreline that lies to the North of the Empire through the area known has the Wasteland, through the port of Marienburg and continues round into Bretonnia.

    Here the line of watchtowers continues apace. Along the shores of Bretonnia and the Sea of Claws they continue, through the territories of Couranne, L'Anguille, Lyonesse and Bordeleaux, through the now fortified cities of Mousillon and Brionne until they reached the Western point of Bretonnia itself.

    But they did not stop there. They continued along the shoreline of Estalia that looks out onto the Great Ocean, that includes the cities of Bilbali and Magritta, and travels East into Tilea.

    The final stretch of this border runs North-East along the coastline of the Black Gulf and into the base of the World's Edge Mountains, near Karak Eight Peaks, thus effectively (and intentionally) seperating the Badlands from the Southern point of the Empire.

    At first the greatest architects of the Dwarfs, Elves and Men were staggered by the sheer SCALE of the proposition. Has if building the huge monolithic watchtowers wasn't going to be both costly and time consuming enough, the planning would require literally HUNDREDS of these towers stretching for THOUSANDS of miles.

    The cost, timescale and scale of laborers would, in all honesty, be PHENOMENAL, and would quite possibly be the biggest multi-national building project EVER SEEN in the history of the Old World.

    By now dissension was beginning to creep into the minds of both politicians and builders has to if this whole project was even feasible. Even if they had enough resources and materials, none could deny that the THOUSANDS of miles it would take could take DECADES to complete.

    Valten knew that reassurance was needed for all concerned, and sent forth messengers to walk among st those concerned that all contingencies had been thought of with care and attention.

    But whilst the Free People began the long and arduous task of rebuilding their shattered lands the Gods of Chaos had not forgotten the bitter defeat their faithful legions had suffered at the hands of the Mortals. From each of their four realms they watched with curiosity at the new endeavors that the Elves, Dwarves and Men had set forth together, and for the first time in eons they were concerned.

    For generations the Mortals had worked tirelessly to repel the Dark Gods attempts at dominion of this small planet in the vast empty void of space, and despite the Dark Gods many attempts to raise an all-powerful legion of it's own to crush the weakling Mortals into servitude fate, hope, chance and even the intervention of their own deities had always frustratingly repelled them.
    This time, however, things were different. They had studied the Mortals for countless millennia, and after generations knew instinctively how they thought, acted and even fought on the battlefield.

    But now, things were starting to change. There were three new beings walking among st them, the God-incarnate Valten, the ethereal Green King Louen and the Dwarf God Grimnir, the most powerful of all Dwarves.
    Together, these three great rulers shone like beacons of pure light in the Mortal Realms has they walked and lived among st their subjects, and to the Dark Gods such was their power and divine purity that they were almost untouchable.
    Something had to be done.....

    In the Court of the Covenant the four Gods of Chaos gathered, and debated and argued about how they could stop these new pariahs from forming a society powerful enough in both spiritual purity and military might so has to repel the Dark Gods influence for ever.

    Eventually a Great Scheme was formed.

    And interestingly enough, it would not be the great legions of armor-clad powerful Warriors, grotesque Beasts of inhuman Daemons that would be instrumental.

    It would actually be something much more mundane and subtle......

    After the defeat of Legions by the combined might of the Mortals, many of the surviving Chaos Cultists have fled into hiding, seeking solace in the quiet remote areas of the Old World, a time to regroup, attend their wounds and rethink their strategies of how to undermine the free people of the Old World.
    The Dark Gods were, has always, aware of this, for they always kept a close eye on their followers (even those that they considered had been found wanting).

    At first Khorne wanted to destroy the gutless cowards who didn't deserve the right to ask for forgiveness in their eyes. He wanted to strike down all those who were hidden away, but before he could muster his divine wrath Nurgle caught his arm, and bade him listen to reason first.

    (What Khorne, blinded by his arch-typical rage, did not reason at the time was that what he was about to hear was originally conceived by both Slaanesh and Tzeentch. Realizing that Khorne would never listen to either of them due to distrustful hatred he had to them both, they petitioned their brother Nurgle to speak on their behalf. At least that way he would listen to him, due to his slightly more tolerance towards Nurgle).

    Lowering his powerful Axe, Khorne turned towards his repulsive brother and growled menacingly, resentful at his intervention. Undeterred, Nurgle suggested that rather then just crush them like worthless insects, they should be used to seek redemption in the eyes of their Gods, and should be sent to atone for their weak cowardliness.

    After all, despite their horrific presence and the either even the Dark Gods themselves understood the meaning of REDEMPTION.

    And so began the work of the Chaos cultists.

    In the remotest hidden depths of the Old World, in the darkest caves, abandoned crypts and forgotten settlements they gathered in the dark shadows, and began the to fulfill the vision that had been granted to them by their Dark lords.

    In their dreams and trance-like visions they heard the ethereal whispering s of the Four Gods, each to their own patron deity.
    They whispered that they were angry and displeased at their failings before them, and they said that they could only save their immortal souls from eternal destruction by fulfilling what the Dark Gods demanded of them.

    And so, one by one, they listened to what the Dark Gods had planned for them on the Old World.

    Alas, although they kept themselves well hidden, it did not go unnoticed for long.....

    Has time passed the Witchhunters of the Empire became suspicious. Their has always been hidden Chaos cultists throughout history, and for generations the Witchhunters had always knew where and how to detect the faint spoor of a cult.

    But now, all that was starting to change. Has the years passed the Witchhunters began to notice that quiet Chaos taint that infected many remote settlements was, for the first time in living memory, actually beginning to fade.

    Eventually the Witchhunters started to become concerned about this. History has shown that Chaos has ALWAYS been present throughout the Old World for thousands of years, and although it's power and influence can decline over time it would NEVER completely disappear-no matter how small or faint the taint of Chaos was, it would always be there, in one form or another.

    But ever since the end of the Storm of Chaos the Witchhunters throughout the Old World had noticed that any Chaos incursions-whether it was herds of Beastmen in the deep woods, debased rituals by demented worshipers in secret temples or cultists gathering in secret-had become so scarce and infrequent has to become almost none existent.

    So concerned by the lack of 'activity' by the 'secret army' of Chaos worshipers that eventually the senior members of the Guild of Witchhunters, by means of secret codes and messages to all their members, announced that a great meeting would occur at a date and location known only to the guild itself, and no other.

    The date came, and in their secret location the most senior member of the Witchhunters guild called forth all members present to order, so that, as one, they could address the most important questions that every Witchhunter was thinking:

    Where have they all gone?

    And. perhaps more importantly, what are they planning?

    Little did they realize that, on that night, they were closer to the truth then any of them actually realized.
    Stage one of the great scheme of the Chaos Gods had began, thanks to the hidden cultists throughout the Old World, who were being influenced and guided by the visions and dreams granted to them by the Chaos Gods.

    From the deep roiling ether of the Realm of Chaos the Dark Gods watched their minions working and striving to complete the great tasks that they had been set by their deities, and they were pleased with the progress.

    Once they were satisfied that their legions of followers could be left to work alone in secret, it was then that the Dark Gods began the second phase of the Great Scheme.

    And so, they turned their gaze away from the Old World and focused their thoughts on another great civilization far from the Empire of Man.

    The Druchi.

    From their infernal abode they watched the Dark Elves living out their lives of sadistic brutality, both against the slaves they harvested from the rest of the world and even each other.
    They watched their Arks coursing across the seas, the debased sacrifices in their temples and the vicious pit-fighting in their shadowy cities, and SMILED.

    The Dark Elves, for their part, were almost unaware of the ungodly presence that was slowly infiltrating the culture (although some of the more prophetic of their kind, such has the sorceresses and witch elves, at first assumed it was a sign that their own Gods were watching them, and so the rituals and sacrifices actually increased during this time).

    Little did the Dark Elves know that, when the time would eventually came, it would not be their own gods that would contact them, but something far more powerful and insidious.....

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    Great one! And I really liked part 5. Good job

    Winer is coming
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    Originally Posted by Camp View Post
    Great one! And I really liked part 5. Good job
    I apologies that it's been so long since I've updated this.

    I was hoping to make it a regular thing, but since Christmas there's been just so much change and up-hevel going on I've had to put this on the shelf for now.

    I've been through various jobs and career changes, and have had some serious money problems that have had a direct effect of my personal life.
    January was the most stressful period of my life, and if I'm honest it nearly broke to the point of exhaustion.

    Everything's better now, and on track. I think I might restart this series, and carry on with it. I'm going to have to re-read Parts 1-6, and possibly see where we go from here.

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