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    Counts-as models


    Not currently a Dark Eldar player but they do look super appealing and when/if i start another army they'd be my first choice. Btw, I'm not super competitive so I'm not worrying about the performance of my units too much, just want to look decent and flavourful on the table.

    The theme I have is an Archon who started off in the fitting pits as a beast master before getting himself up the Kabal ladder. The army i envisage has lots of creatures, making use of the beast master units and a horde of ur-ghuls for his retinue with some Wych buddies thrown in too.

    To get some variety and make some cost cutting, AoS have models I think would make good counts-as stand-ins but I wonder if other's think it might be a bit naff.

    Ur-ghuls -> Crypt-ghouls
    Clawed fiends -> Crypt-flayers and/or Crypt-horrors and/or Bullgors
    Kymera -> Gors

    What do people think?

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    should be fine as long as you paint them or customise them enough that they look dark eldarish

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    So long as its clear to your opponent what each unit is then it shouldn't be a problem.

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