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    I have, few minor changes but it plays basically the same. Really good fun, I'm building a skaven crew and an orc crew.

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    My brother brought this a few months.

    At first I wasn't particularly bothered about it, on the grounds that it's not a game either really play and I thought that it was just another example of his impulsiveness.

    However, having had a good look at it now, I must say it does look quite FUN actually!

    He also suggested we could 'split' the contents, like we've done on other boxed sets. When he brought the Dark Vengence boxset he kept the Dark Angel models and I had the Chaos ones.

    And again, when he got the Stormclaw game I asked if I could have the Orks and he agreed.

    He suggested the same with Bloodbowl. He's already made a start on Human team, and I'll get the Orc Team.

    I've even started thinking up a history for the Orc team-I've got an idea for a (possible) name, and a bit of background.

    I've also kept an eye on the Dwarf team that's now available too. Depending on how well this turns out I might buy the Dwarf Team as well at some point in the future.

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