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    Lightbulb First tourney List! - 1000 points

    Hi All,
    Quite new to the Dark Eldar and my club has just started a tourney, we use very little terrain and always play kill points...
    Here is my attempt at a first list

    Archon [140]
    -Agoniser-Shadow field-Blast Pistol-

    4x Incubi [155]
    -Klaivex-Venom(2 Splinter Cannons)-

    5x Kabalites [75]

    5x Kabalites [55]

    Fast Attack:
    3x Reavers [98]
    -Arena Champ(Power Sword)-Cluster Caltrops-Heatlance-

    Razorwing [140]
    -2 Dark Lances-

    7x Scourges [147]
    -6 Haywire Blasters-Solarite(Agoniser)-

    Heavy Support:
    2 Ravagers [250]
    -3 Dark Lances(each)-

    I've heard about Venom spam, but i currently only have 1 venom so I went without.
    The Archon will join the Incubi and they'll deep strike and hunt heavy infantry. Ravagers stay back and kill MC's or vechicles, scourges kill vehicles whilst Kabalites and reavers fire and will cc reavers.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

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