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    Question Custodes - Loadout Options

    The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor's bodyguards and the best warriors mankind has to offer, however, the new models have several loadout options.
    Games Workshop has a free download of the rules on the Burning of Prospero page, which is only 6 pages and includes rules for the sisters of silence.
    What do you think of the custodians, and what wargear would YOU give them?
    Love to hear your ideas!

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    Loadout is somewhat hard to say, because both options are good.

    Staves are nice for the AP2 weapons - not terribly high strength, but enough to kill anything that's not a vehicle easily enough.

    With shield/sword, you're still AP3, which is still good, but then they get a 3++ save, which is pretty great too.

    I'd probably try for ~40% shield 60% staves - you want enough shields to be in front to protect, but enough staves to get work done.

    Overall, I'd have to say they seem amazing, especially for their price. 10 points more than a terminator for extra wound, toughness, WS/BS, ability to sweeping advance, eternal warrior. They seem really solid.

    There is the very imperial mindset "They can't deep strike without scattering and still assault first turn so they must be awful". Seems to me, though, if anything in the game can endure a round of shooting after deep striking and be strong enough to continue the fight, I'd say they would be able to.

    Overall, I think they seem very solid.

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    The T5 is huge. I don't need AP2 when I have a solid number of attacks. Go with the storm shield any day, and watch most people sigh.

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