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    Lightbulb 1500pt list, help me out!

    Hey yall! this is my first time making a full 1500 pt list, and i wanted yall to critique it. I tried going for a mix of tanks and infantry, with a few formations just for funsies.

    WARLORD-Company Command Squad (Master of ordnance, veteran camo, commander camo, volkov's cane) - 108 Points
    OTHER HQ: Tank Commander(Kabe's Herald) - 50 points

    Enginseer - 40 pts
    5 Servitors(Plasma cannons) - 125 points
    Ministorum Priest(autogun) - 25 points
    Commusar(Boltgun) - 25 points

    Platoon Command Squad(autocannon, vox caster) - 45 points
    Infantry Squad(Boltgun) - 51 Points
    Infantry Squad(Boltgun, Autocannon) - 61 points
    Infantry Squad(Boltgun, Autocannon) - 61 points
    Heavy Weapons Squad(Lascannons) - 135 points
    Heavy Weapons Squad(Lascannons) - 135 points
    Conscripts - 60 points

    Armored Sentinel Squadron - 40 points

    Ratling Snipers - 30 points

    Leman Russ Executioner(Lascannon, camo netting, sponson plascannons) - 210 points
    Leman Russ Main Battle Tank - 150 points
    Leman Russ Main Battle Tank - 150 points

    TOTAL COST: 1501 points

    Sorry if the formatting isn't perfect, this is my first post here. The sentinel is to form a emporers shield formation, and the tanks form an emporers fist formation

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    I am seeing some point values wrong. a Armored Sentinal is 50 points, a squadron is 3 of them. Which would be 150pts. I would also recommend changing there weapon. I personally outfit them with Las cannons or Auto Cannons.

    your heavy weapon squads are off too. Las Cannons are 20 and a squad of Heavy Weapons is 45pts.

    Next you have autocannons in each of these groups, But they can only be taken in heavy weapon teams formed within the unit. Which are 45pts, plus 10pts for the auto cannon. and I am assuming the (Boltgun) is for the leader of each unit? (I am assuming so)

    For your tanks, with experience I think you should switch out the Battle Cannon tanks with the eradicator Nova, they cost 120pts, so you free up some room. Yeah they are Str6 ap4, however they ignore cover, and you can fire all your weapons without snap firing. And generally speaking, you will generally ignore armor saves of 4+ anyway. Battle Cannons are powerful, but generally too much and you can only snap fire with your other weapons. But ignore cover is big. And I think if maybe you switched to those tanks, and removed the conscripts, you would have lot more wiggle room to throw in more fire power. But thats my opinion.

    <---- Washington State Player, Centralia WA
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