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    Been out for years, looking to build a 500-750 point army

    Hi there, so I've been out for probably 7 or 8 years, I no longer have any of my old stuff so I'm starting from scratch. I want to build a 500-750 point army but I have no idea about any of the new units or how balance is currently. My considerations are tau, eldar or space marines, possibly necrons. Are there any standard lists for that point region? is it too few points? I have a soft spot for tau battlesuits and eldar wraithlords lol...

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    A set list this small doesn't really exist, most games are between 1500-2000 points.

    For SPESS MAHRINES, I'd recommend the usual combined arms detachment, with two tax squads in rhinos, an assault squad with jump packs, a chaplain with jump pack, and a unit of devastators. If you really want to push points, grab one more tag squad to form the battle Demi-company.

    For Tau, two units of pathfinders with marker lights and two fire warriors with dedicated transports and a buff-mander would be fine here.

    Eldar? Farseer on bike, scatterlazerbikes everywhere, and guardians in wave serpents.

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    What I would do is get a start collecting box with a codex for that army and go from there. Thats about the point range you will have with that. Everything you need. Then you simply build up from there.

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