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    Most recent fluff help - Veteran Sergeants

    I'd like to take a Veteran Sergeant for my 4th Company Tac Squad.
    The Internet is very vague on the exact workings of the ranks, so right now, I don't know how to paint his trim, or rather, I know too many ways to do it.

    Would he be a Veteran Marine of the 1st Company acting as Sergeant?
    Would he be a Veteran Sergeant of the 1st Company leading a Squad of the 4th?
    Or would he be a long-serving Sergeant of the 4th, who has been awarded the veteran status but hasn't been inducted into the 1st?

    Maybe the Codex explains it, but since mine will only arrive on Thursday - and the wikis would probably be more specific about the veterans if there was any actual information in the Codex - I need help.

    So if you have read a book that mentions it, or have one of the more recent codices (5th or 6th, maybe), please help me out.

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    The internet is vague because a lot of the stuff is at best open to interpretation, and at worst it's just not there. Check the wiki on the Codex Astartes for more details on squad and veteran markings. As far as organization, a veteran sergeant of a company squad would be part of that company, not on loan or anything like that. Your third guess is pretty much it.

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