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    Deathguard - Supreme Command - 1000 pts/50P - BRUTAL 1st turn assault

    After watching the battle report for Chaos vs Astra Militarum I got inspired to try and build an HQ oriented list and I believe I came up with quite a monster of a list as it will nearly guarantee 1st turn assaults every time without further delay here is my Franken Baby

    Supreme Command Detachment - 1cp
    HQ 3-5

    Daemon Prince with Wings - 212 pts
    Hellforged Sword
    Smite + Warptime

    Daemon Prince with Wings - 215 pts
    Daemonic Axe
    Smite + Warptime

    Chaos Lord with Jump Pack - 106 pts
    Lightning Claws

    Sorcerer Terminator - 158 pts
    Force Axe
    Smite + Warptime + Infernal Gaze

    Sorcerer Terminator - 158 pts
    Force Axe
    Smite + Warptime + Infernal Gaze

    Elites 0-1
    01 Helbrute - 139 pts
    Helbrute fist

    Lord of War 0-1

    Total Roster = 988
    Power Level = 50

    How the list works?

    Deploy everything about 4-6" from eachother except for the Terminator Sorcerers whom will be Teleporting in 9" away from the enemy. In reality you just need to keep the Helbrute infront of close to a Daemon Prince and the Chaos Lord side by side of the other prince.

    Turn 1
    Daemon Princes and Chaos Lord move 12" up, Helbrute 8"up, Sorcerers Teleport in directly infront of Daemon Prince within 3"

    At this point you should have Sorcerer #1 9" away from enemy unit, Daemon prince #1 within 3" of this sorcerer and Chaos Lord within 3" of this DP.

    Sorcerer #2 10" away from enemy unit, Daemon Prince #2 within 3" of this sorcerer and Helbrute within 3" of Daemon Prince #2.

    It's time. To warp time! If the enemy has no psykers of their own then it's all up to the dice gods and how they might favor you.

    Daemon Prince #1 casts warp time on Chaos Lord. Chaos Lord moves another 12" and should now be right at the gates of the enemy's deployment zone assuming you started 24" away.

    Sorcerer #1 casts warp time on DP #1 and now he too will be at the enemy's deployment zone.

    Daemon Prince #2 casts warp time on Helbrute whom should be within assault distance of an enemy.

    Sorcerer #2 casts warp time on DP #2 and now he too will be at the enemy's deployment zone.

    Now you have your entire army within assault range right off the bat. May the dice gods be with you and papa nurgle share his blessings with all.

    Any thoughts?

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    That is why each phykic power is limited to one casting per phase in matched play. in non matched play, that's not nice.

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    You're working under the assumption that your opponent doesn't figure that out and place fodder in the way of your charge, flee in his movement phase, then blast the ever living hell out of your do realize that you got close enough for your opponent to A)not have to move his heavy weapons (no -1 modifier to hit) and B) rapid fire C) stop your psychic powers with his own psykers and D) in the case of spess mehreens - cast null zone and be done with you

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