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    Pathfinders and Markerlight Question

    I have been out of the hobby for many years now but have only recently been drawn back in, with the new release of 8th edition.
    I have been looking into starting a completely new army - I have pretty much landed on Tau Empire but I have still yet to decide fully.

    My question regards Markerlights and how they function in the game.

    Let's say I have 6 Pathfinders and I want to fire that squad at an enemy unit. Now with each Markerlight hit I get, it adds a cumulative bonus. Now saying that should I roll each dice separately instead of all together - this would allow bonuses to effect the rest of my firing Markerlights. I have an Example down below:

    Pathfinder 1: Lands a hit giving re-rolls of 1
    Pathfinder 2: rolls a 1 but because I have one hit already he can reroll that dice roll of 1? He then rerolls and bumps the marker counter to 2.

    Another Example:
    Let's say the Pathfinder unit moved

    3 of the six Pathfinders land hits, would that mean that the 4th, 5th and 6th Pathfinders could fire as if they hadn't moved? Due to the fact, a counter of 3 means you down count as moving so you can fire at normal BS?

    Thanks for the help and I hope this is in the right place,

    kind of knew at this Forum stuff.

    Happy Gaming!

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    Units don't benefit from their own marker hits.
    "We are tau. We do our best not to commit wanton murder, even in the fires of war. But if you donít mind your place, our options will be limited."
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    I do believe that all models firing the same weapon at the same target from the same unit count as fire at at same time whether or not you roll them together.

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