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    New to Eldar

    For 8th I've decided to start an Eldar I'm a complete noob in regards to Eldar and know very little about them.

    I've decided not to follow the colour schemes of any of the craftworlds on the internet and go with my onw red and white paint scheme.

    My question is what transfers can I safely use without them referring to one of the other craftworlds OR can my army still be from that craftworld even though coloured differently?

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    Per the Craftworld Codex if your Army is a homebrew paint scheme then you can choose which Craftworld special rule set that you would like to use.

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    You could still use the transfers that are Craftworld-neutral, such as the Infinity Circuit symbols and all the Aspect symbols as well. Looking at the transfer sheet (I hope I've got the up to date one) you should be able to use the strips of sigils too as they are not for specific Craftworlds. I hope this is useful

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