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    Question New to Warhammer 40k Need some help

    So I just got into Warhammer 40k. I was able to buy a bunch of models off someone who just had to much. My Army list is as follows
    ( * i bought these prebuilt)
    (` i built these)
    2x 10 Necron Warriors ( i have a bunch more but still need to just be built) *`
    3x Destroyers (am looking to replace one with a heavy destroyer but not sure)*
    4X Canoptek Scarabs *
    5 Triarch Praetorians w/ Particle caster and Voidblade`
    5 Immortals / Deathmarks (just bought this def gonna build them leaning more to the Deathmarks)`

    1 Cryptek `
    1 Destoryer Lord (Staff of Light )*
    1 Overlord w/ Warscythe `

    1 Triarch Stalker (have all 3 of weapons for him currently have the heat ray attached)`

    That sums it all up. I think i have a good base for them. Was looking to upgrade but i need to figure out whats good still since i have only gotten into this not that long ago.

    Basically asking for army comp help and have a question about a phylactery, after many a Googles i didn't find it. Pretty much only the Destoryer Lord was this that i have. But i can't tell if he has it on him or if its a upgrade kit or what have you. I wanna get it for him, i think it would be pretty good since he isn't carrying a res orb. Think about also getting a night scythe and flayed ones combo.

    All in all i have a bunch of randomness that i need to make into a have good army that i can win a few games with. Almost positive i need to get a Ark to move my guys around or something.

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

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    Hey there! and Welcome to the Forums and the game!

    So first things first, it's important to ensure that you have a rules book and the Index for the Necrons, I think that's Index xenos 2. Now to explain, about upgrades, in quite a few instances, noted upgrades have no physical representation. You just say that the model has it, if it is an option for that model. I believe that the phylactery is one of these types of upgrades that there is no physical representation. You could make something out of scratch if you wanted or paint your model to highlight this upgrade.

    Next, I would suggest is making an army list, army lists end up being great shopping lists, as you realize what you need and don't have

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