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    Which SM chapter to pick as a new player?


    I'm thinking about starting collecting and playing WH 40k. I already did some research, but given that I never played 40k i'm pretty confused.

    I'd prefer firepower>mobility, ranged>melee mentality with emphasis on heavy stuff - termies, land raiders, dreads.

    -From what I've read Smurfs are good all-around, but I find them incredibly annoying lore-wise

    -Dark Angels Death Company seems fitting.

    -Maybe Imperial Fists or Iron Hands?

    This game is fairly complex, It's really hard to pick something without ever playing it . Im reeeeeally open to suggestions.

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    Have a look on the Warhammer Community that is part of GW's website. They are doing previews of chapters and their traits.

    From what you have said above, Imperial Fists could be for you??

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    Honestly I'd go with a successor chapter. Buy what you want, paint what you want and then use the chapter rules which fit best.

    If you want specific advice I'd lean towards a dark angels deathwing force as it's pretty much just termies, landraiders, and dreads. Not sure what the rules are for them but lore wise your pretty set.

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    So typically only the hard core lore driven players play specific chapters like Ultras, Dark Angels etc. But if flexibility is what you're after, it's always best to do a DIY chapter

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    To echo the above, I'd go for a homebrew chapter of your own colour scheme and name - make it as basic or elaborate as you want and work on it over time.

    You can then try out different chapter traits and see what works best for you. Ultramarines successors are pretty widespread and varied, Imp Fists are solid and shooty and Iron Hands are hard to kill. Dark Angels rules are a bit threadbare at the moment but a codex will be out soon. If you have the SM codex the stratagems for different chapters give some extra flavour too.

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    You can home brew something like the Deathwing of the Dark Angels. Successor chapters for Dark Angels as a whole can get a little tricky, but it's still doable.

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    It's a bit of a longshot this but I think it's something worth thinking about.

    Have you thought about DEATHWATCH?

    Has a Space Marine army they did have a certain distinction (both good and bad) from other 'mainstream' Space Marine armies.

    The biggest change by far has to be that you MUST be willing to compromise with them, in regards to their rules and organization. It's a case of taking with one hand and giving with the other.
    (i.e some Units that you can take with other Space Marine armies-Scouts, Predators etc-will be absent from your force. However, the Deathwatch do have access to some unique units that only they can use, and if used properly can be just has effective in the long run).

    If you want to do something different I think it's something worth thinking about, if not now then perhaps later on.

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