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    Devastator squad set up...

    I've been playing with devastators quite a bit to try and get a good feel out of them and I've been consistently let down by lascannon or ML devastators.

    Then a friend of mine said, why not run all heavy bolters. And at first I was dismissive, "heavy bolters! Bah, who wants to run those weak weapons...but then I thought about it more...12 shots..heavy bolters, more consistent than what you'd get with frag missiles, still has an AP - range...why not...

    why not


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    I personally don't like dedicating slots to heavy bolters, as assault cannons are incredibly easy to get access to and are very cost effective in the form of assault cannon Razorbacks (which can also be used to reduce your number of drops). Most of the targets you're going to want to use mass anti-infantry on are likely to be within 24" anyway.

    For my Devastators, I like running 2 lascannons and a plasma cannon in a 5 man with an armorium cherub. The signum boosts the Plasma so that it can no-risk overcharge. 141 points for effective shooting, with 3 ablative wounds in the unit. Of course, my opinion is likely skewed, having played with Azreal supporting my firebase. The cherub picking up a 4+ invulnerable to dump wounds onto is hilarious, and the invulnerable boosts their survivability. I mix Devs and Predators in my lists, as the Devs can much more consistently benefit from cover. Two Preds and two Dev squads is 662 points for 12 lascannon and 2 plasma cannons that can easily fit under SM bubbles.

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    Deployed well, maybe with an assault cannon razorback as support, they'd chuck a ton of shots downwind and be a pain to winkle out, all the while the other stuff does the face rearranging up close.

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    In 5th, i used HBs a lot.

    With my IG, I tried to maximise shots, even putting storm bolters on vet sergeants in my infantry squads (yes, this was an option - now I have lots of models that I cannot use). Its good to be rolling lots of dice (especially with my dice rolling!)

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    I haven't been able to use them in 8th yet, but I've run Heavy Bolters allover the place before. They are a good middle ground weapon; decent anti hoard, decent range so they shouldn't be left doing nothing all game, and able to put a few wounds on tougher models, more so now in 8th. They really come into their element when paired with a razorback though, either with Heavy Bolters or with Assault Cannons depending on preference. 18 shots can do a lot of damage

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