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    Battle damage on Blac/Grey armour

    Hi All,

    I've started painting a new chapter of Space Marine (I got bored of painting blue) so my new Primaris marines have a dark grey armour with gold accents. Will post pics once I have completed one.

    My question is how do I make battle damage on dark armour stand out? On the blue armour a black or grey line with a blue highlight stood out rather well, I've used the Darkest grey I could find which is almost black on this armour so the usual technique isn't working as well.

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    I find with dark grey you have to either go with small bits of black, then fill in with silver leaving a small line of black around, then "highlight" the bottom edge of the damage with your highlight colour. The other option is to use a yellowish brown, keep it dark so it's not obviously brown but the yellow should help it stand out from the grey.

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    Silver could be tricky. Yellowish or reddish brown should be better. Other option for damage is to make a lot of tiny light grey scratches.

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