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    How Big/Mek Guns special rules work in 8th edition?

    Special rules:

    Grot Krew
    A unit of Big/Mek Gunz and its Grot Gunners must be deployed as a single group with each model within 3" of at least one other model from their unit.
    From that point on each Mek Gun and each 2/5-model group of Grot gunners acts as a single unit.

    Take Cover
    Grot Gunners can be targeted in the Shooting phase if they are the closest enemy unit.

    A Big/Mek gun can only fire its ranged weapon if friendly <CLan> Grot Gunner unit is within 3".
    A single Grot Gunner cannot operate multiple big/mek gunz in this way in a single turn.
    If all of the Grot Gunners within 6" of a big/mek gun are slain, it immediately shuts down and is removed from play.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________

    #1 How Unit Cohesion works in deployment?

    So if I am being weird, I could stretch a conga line of 3" in between, within a unit I declared?
    If I have 2 mek guns in 1 unit, I can strecth 33" horizontally across the battlefield.
    of course, it's ridiculous; but is it functionable within rules?

    #2 If 1 mek gun & its grot gunner is acting as a "unit", does it mean they are unit?

    Are any inputs (damage/debuff/buff/morale/movement penalty/fighting/overwatch) meant to be shared with other "unit"?
    If I have 5 Guns in 1 unit, 4 of them are out of grots, can i split 5 grots to each gun & all of them still operatable?
    If I am weird (again), does it mean i can break the 3" unit cohesion between 1st gun & 2nd gun later in movement phase?

    #3 Same as 2nd question, but if I alrdy delcared 5 units in deployment with only 1 gun in each unit.

    If I have 5 Guns, 4 of them are out of grots, can i split 5 grots to each gun & all of them still operatable?

    #4 How kill point is calculated in competitive scene?

    Kindly answer and Thank You.

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    1 - RAW, yes, it is one unit until after it is deployed. konga lining grots and moving them behind their respective guns first turn is a way to space out the guns. also note that grots moving doesn't change the BS of the gun - as it did not move and it only requires a gunner be close to fire.

    2 - each mek gun is a separate unit and each unit of 5 grot gunners is a separate unit. As such, grot gunners from other units can operate other mek guns because it's a unit that requires a gunner being close, not a specific gunner.

    3 - yes.

    4 - if you are playing a mission that grants kill points per unit, or per Heavy Support, each mek gun and each group of 5 grots constitutes a point.

    Note, that as the mek guns and crews are separate, the crew does not roll for morale upon the destruction of their gun. I actually did this before this matter was clarified in an FAQ, and lost two grots because the gun had died.

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    Ooh. Saw that Now. Wow it's nice for morale & Ballistic skill penalty mitigation.

    Page 35
    – Mek Gunz, Grot Krew
    Change the final sentence to read:
    ‘From that point on, each Mek Gun and each 5-model
    group of Grot Gunners act as separate units.’

    Thanks! I was having problem digesting the wording.

    #5 Further clarification, Does it mean my 5 mek guns& krews are always functioning as 10 independent units no matter how many guns I declared in 1 unit?

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