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    Space Marines from Rogue Trader to Primaris

    Hi! I thought I'd collect together all my painted Space Marines into a single thread. I really jump around and like the vintage Rogue Trader models as much as the recent Primaris.

    To start off with, Lord Calgar of the Ultramarines.

    The day school broke up for Christmas when I was thirteen was also the day I got my teenage nerd-mitts on two legends of the Warhammer 40,000 mythos – Marneus Calgar and Leman Russ. As an adult, both vignette pieces still give me such an intense festive tingle that I want to repaint them and have them in my cabinet. First up, Imperial Commander Marneus Calgar.

    Marneus’ components stripped and based up individually for ease of painting.

    There are two sources for colour schemes – the first is the original studio paintjob, now in the collection of Bryan Ansell. It stood out from the rest of the 40K range at the time because the figure was not in a battlefield setting – Marneus is sat on a throne with the Ultramarines motto “Our presence remakes the past”, ceremonial cloak and honour guard behind him. (Not that that stopped teenage Curis using him in a battlefield setting – there were lots of games with increasingly desperate conceits why the Ultramarines had brought furniture to war.)

    Thanks to Steve Casey for permission to use his photo.

    The second source is the Dave Gallagher painting used as a frontispiece in the 1988 Warhammer 40,000 Compendium. Sadly Dave’s choice of black-and-white floor tiles make it look like Marneus is on the toilet, which is further reinforced by the sheet of toilet paper he’s holding.

    “Lord Macragge? More like Lord Macrapping!”

    Tantalisingly White Dwarf announced Marneus “…is the first in a planned series of specially sculpted vignette releases for WARHAMMER 40,000…”. Tantalising as there could have been dozens of these figures to collect and love. The second and final was Leman Russ. I reckon there was also a Imperial Commander Nisk Ranthawll being dressed in experimental armour planned. That’s an idea for a future modelling project.
    So, anyway, drawing on both I blocked out the base colours. I went for quite a tight rendition of the Dave Gallagher piece, with blue chest cabling and Mordian Blue plate. I started with the bolter and the cloak so I could reward myself at the end with the actual character model. I added a Mk 6 plastic backpack as, although the studio example doesn’t have one, there is an attachment nub.

    Calgar’s base took a little thought. I made a set of stone flags, using the tops of 25mm square bases (who needs them now we’ve got Age of Sigmar). Then the first thing I tried was painting them cold grey stone.

    It didn’t work. The blue armour blends in with the grey base. Then, I remembered the Forge World Roboute Guilliman and his polished marble base. It screamed quasi-classical. How very Ultramarine. I got the marble recipe from a helpful peep at the Forge World store.

    I hammed up the veins more than I would if I were painting the modern Roboute – it felt more in keeping with the pudginess of the 1980s sculpt. Everything about the older models is a bit more cartoony than their 21st century descendents.

    Additionally, he made it into the 30th Anniversary of Space Marines issue of White Dwarf! Sadly I wasn’t credited with the paintjob, but I’m happy with readers assuming it’s a ‘Eavy Metal paintjob like the other two Marneuses/Marneuī on the page.

    Now, let’s see if I can give Leman Russ the same treatment this Christmas.

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    I started off a vintage 1990 Strike Force Ultramarine.

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    Wonderful stuff sir.

    Not entirely sold by the Calgar pose - does still seem somewhat porcelain throne territory - but that's the sculpt not the paint job. It's great you have these old models and I am really looking forward to the master space pup and the rest off the vintage models. The 90s model takes me back somewhat!

    Ham and eggs: a day's work for a chicken; a lifetime's commitment for a pig.
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    Thanks! I'll do another version of Calgar where he's standing up.

    I painted my first Primaris Space Marine! He’s Nemesis Chapter – an Ultramarines successor chapter with origins in the dark days of the Horus Heresy.

    Sergeant Glaucon, 2nd Battle Company, 3rd Squad, Nemesis Chapter. His banner reads ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ – “nemesis” in Greek capitals.

    This Intercessor Sergeant, from Games Workshop’s Dark Imperium starter set, is largely indistinguishable from the squad he leads. Traditionally, Space Marine sergeants have a different weapon configuration (something Napoleonic like pistol and swords), bare heads and big banners to mark them out. I originally finished painting the mini, but was uneasy with how he looked alongside the rest of the squad. Only thing to distinguish him was the helmet being red.

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will also spot the checks added to his right pauldron since this photo was taken.

    So I added a dirty great banner. This one is from the Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought, which matches the swollen proportions of the 2017 Space Marine iteration. Here’s Glaucon next to some classic Space Marines with flags to show the scale creep over the last 30 years.

    Left to right: 1987 Blood Angel; 2013 Ultramarine; 2017 Nemesis Marine.

    Yeah yeah, I know you’re gonna say “Marines got swole cos of Guilliman’s super-seed”, but I reject your fluff-lead view of Games Workshop’s miniatures and state flatly that Primaris is the new de facto Space Marine and is directly comparable to the other two Marines above. Nurrr.

    Glaucon leading his little brothers from Ultramarines Squad Varenus.

    The Dark Imperium box is overwhelming with the amount of Marines in it, and I’m going to trick myself into thinking it’s one of the smaller starter sets so I’m making better progress through the purchased model pile. Next off – the rest of the Intercessor squad!

    More miniatures on my blog:

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    I started off one of the Imperial Space Marines they did for the anniversary. Classic Ultramarines colours for this guy so he can go in my Heresy mk4 Ultras or alongside the modern mk7s.

    More miniatures on my blog:

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    The Umber Hulk is the iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster, a powerful tunnelling beast with the power to confuse anyone who sees all four of its eyes at once. This confusion is a form of psychic hypnosis, rather than puzzlement over the fact it has eyes in its nostrils, and what might happen when it sneezes.

    “Feckin’ peg it!” squeed Ploppin the Halfling.

    Such a colourful shot! The red and blue lights echo the garish paint choices this Umber Hulk’s previous owner made. This miniature was a snip at £3 from the Oldhammer Trading Company and I celebrated by taking it to the pub that evening.

    The lovable four-eyed spongmonster at the pub.
    Also pictured: a Grenadier Umber Hulk.

    He came missing a finger-claw, which I replaced with brass wire and putty. I also carved him new mandibles from some random Games Workshop plastic bits.

    jazz hands /dʒaz handz/ noun: …

    The miniature has been released by Grenadier both with and without the mandibles. In the original catalogue, the photographer completely misinterpreted the mandibles as unicorn bits.

    Grenadier held the licence for Dungeons & Dragons miniatures 1980–1982, but released all sorts of suitable figures both before and afterwards. This is not actually an official Umber Hulk but an “Umberbulk”. It is still in production nowadays (without mandibles), via Mirliton.

    Original the Monster. Do not steal.

    The 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual states “Umber Hulks are black, shading to yellowish gray on the front. Their head is gray on top, and the mandibles are ivory coloured.” But I did mine a burnt umber colour as I got hung up on the name “Umber Hulk”. In my defence the picture of them in the Monster Manual illustration is black and white.
    Umber Hulks and Rogue Trader Ambulls

    When writing Rogue Trader, Games Workshop anticipated players would want to use their existing figure collections, and so they slipped in a lot of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters as thinly-disguised aliens. Blink Dogs became “Astral Hounds”, Beholders became “Enslavers”, Umber Hulks became “Ambulls” and so on.

    Mighty Squat Hero Warmaster Gorun fighting an Umbe…Ambull, with support from the Reckoners Space Marine chapter.

    The Ambull did eventually get its own model.

    Interestingly, having been ported into space, they got put ported back into their native fantasy setting in the form of White Dwarf 108’s Terror in the Darkness scenario for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, where the adventurers head into a mine only to encounter Ambulls.

    That’s it for today! I’ll leave you with this photo that was meant to show the detail on the top of the head, but his pose looked like it was inviting tickles.

    Cudgy cudgy coo cooo. Cudgy cudgy coo cooo.

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    This time I present Battle Brother Groma from the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter, and Ruin Priest Theodolitus from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

    Only the strongest will surv-ey.

    This pair came into being as I've already painted iconic archaeologist Indiana Jones for the project, and it's made me want some more Warhammer 40,000 excavation personel.

    Theodolitus is an Adeptus Mechanicus Ruin Priest (not to be confused with the Rune Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus or Space Wolves), specialising in archaeological investigation. You can see from his hunched back and tattered trousers Theodolitus has spent his entire career painstakingly trowelling back trenches hoping to uncover archaeotech secrets and alien artefacts from ancient times. He is a very different adherent of the Cult Mechanicus to the Techpriest Enginseers normally seen repairing machinery mid-battle; Theodolitus only works on battlefields abandoned centuries ago. Actual warfare – he wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole.

    Check out the holstered trowel added to the Ruin Priest's belt.

    Theodolitus is a minor conversion of the standard RT601 Adventurers Tech-priest. I replaced his staff with brass wire, but kept the original top with its 1980s Adeptus Mechanicus wing symbol – simply flipping it backwards and adding a ball of putty painted like a survey lens. On the back of his belt I added his trusty archaeology trowel – "Trenchbane" – made from a diamond of plasticard, a length of wire and putty.

    Theodolitus recording an ancient battlefield containing wreckage of an original Mars Pattern Warhound Titan.

    Battle Brother Groma has been temporarily requisitioned by from the Crimson Fists chapter to serve with the Explorators of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Groma served in his chapter as a Fire Support Specialist, relaying co-ordinates the rocket strikes of the Crimson Fists' Whirlwind formations. He is equally at home operating the las-survey devices of the Adeptus Mechanicus to record their archaeological digs, though it took him time to adjust to the tedium of measuring points on a landscape without witnessing their fiery destruction seconds later.

    Groma's graffitied survey case and his freehand Crimson Fists Chapter icon.

    I converted Groma from the biker-with-scanner torso from the 1980s Space Marine bike range. His legs are a mongrel of metal biker legs and RTB01 plastic legs. The tripod is plastic rod, and bits box spares.

    I decided on Crimson Fists colours as it's the iconic Rogue Trader look, and it might lead in to a Battle at the Farm project later in the year. I experimented with several different blues, trying to keep him away from the Ultramarines Blue as seen on my Rogue Trader Marneus Calgar, settling on a mix of Citadel Mordian Blue, Citadel Mechanicus Standard Grey and Vallejo Royal Purple. The key to a classic Crimson Fists scheme is staying away from white and gold, and getting in a lot of crimson.

    Groma sometimes imagines Theodolitus and his sodding pole obliterated in a storm of rocket fire when he glimpses him through his sights.

    More of my 40K Rogue Trader minaitures here.

    More of my every sort of miniatures here.

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