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    Looking for Suggestions

    So this seems to be as good a time as any to jump onto the Astra Militarum bandwagon - although I've always known that if I did do IG/AM - wanted to have something unique. So a couple of themes hit me that would look unique - Viet Cong IG - or Red Army / North Korean IG - looking for ideas/ inspiration on how to go about amassing these models - mainly the Infantry

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    I think the Catachan Jungle Fighters were always (somewhat understandably) based on the Vietnam War, so you might want to do something with them-instead of just painting then shades of green why not research actual Vietnam squads/platoons and recreate their colour scheme (using a comparison Citadel Paint chart), along with their service activity during the war?

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    I like the Viet Cong jungle style army, Rambo style

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