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    Working for Games Workshop

    This is a bit of an unusual question, but has any one ever worked for Games Workshop?

    I ask because the GW retail recruitment team are doing a sort of tour around stores in the UK in November and I'm planning on going to my local one. The idea is that they just answer questions and tell you about the application and interview process.
    I've recently got back into the hobby after a long hiatus, so my knowledge of the games and my modelling and painting skills are far too minimal to be offered any sort of job, but I figured maybe someday it could be something worth looking at! Never hurts to know about this stuff.

    So, has anyone every worked (or are currently working) at a GW? How did you find it? Any pros or cons? Are they a fair employer? How are the staff benefits? Any cool/amusing stories?
    Really interested to hear anything anyone has to share on the subject!

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    A number of members did, but they all have switched jobs now as far as I know (and I am not sure are active on the forum any more). The company has been undergoing quite an overhaul though in multiple areas so things have likely changed a fair amount. Best advice would be to just go along and a get a feel for yourself! Sorry cannot lend much more help than that I am afraid.

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