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    Alpha Legion & keyword legion

    Greeting All.

    OK so after reading all the new 8th Ed rules and crossing over to chaos space marines, one thing got to me over the whole key words with units.
    A friend plays Alpha Legion and is going to field khorne berserkers and we use the stratage foward operative, because he berserkers can have <legion> as Alpha Legion.

    It doesnt reallyngel with me, but as far as reading the rules it works.

    Is it correct in doing that.


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    Yes. all but the 2 god specific legions in that book can have any mark. So they can have any of the god specific elites, so long as you take the elite version, not the legion specific troop version.

    Personally I think it's unfluffy to use marks with Alpha Legion, but the rules allow it this edition.
    His Alpha Legion are clearly falling to the Dark Powers, and need to be culled.

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