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    Question Tyranids or Genestealer Cults for 8th Edition?

    So basically me and my friends are currently starting 8th edition at our local games shop and I'm wondering whether or not to play 'nids or Cults. Originally I was just going to play cults and then ally into Tyranids but is it better just going all out Tyranids with a ot of close combat like Genestealers, Broodlord, The Swarmlord and some shooty shooty guys for just support gunning or going with my original plan?

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    I believe fighting has its place but the shooty nids are decent aswell. I mean 30 termagants with devourers can put out 90 shoots and with 2 CP they can shoot again. Then the tyrannofex has a rapture cannon that is just made to bust tanks.

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    Tyranids are the more powerful for sure right now as they have a codex and strategems. However thats not to say Cult doesn't have its place.

    You're unlikely to play a pure cult army, more often than not you find people use Cult as a hybrid army of Cult/tyranids/guard. Tyranids are much more likely to be seen as a pure force.

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