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    Modular Trenches (Pic Heavy!)

    Hi All,

    Started work on a set of modular trenchlines, it measures up at 8ft long and it's design to sit against a long table edge.

    Based on MDF and made out of Jablite HD Expanded Polystyrene ....

    The slope was then bevelled and sanded so it had a 3:1 slope so models can be placed on it ...

    Then I added a concrete pillbox made out of the same polystyrene with a few creative cuts ...

    I've still got some gap filling and texturing to do on the bunker but that's a later stage. Next up I blended and firmed up the edges with filler ...

    I've just started adding blast craters to the slopes and I'll be detailing up the actual trenches once I've got those done.

    Hope you like it so far folks.

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    I like this. Well done!

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    Originally Posted by Solus View Post
    I like this. Well done!
    Cheers mate!

    Work progresses, first I gap filled and textured up the pillbox using a coat of filler ...

    After that, I used DAS molding clay to beef up the rims of craters ...

    Next up, I added the barbed wire stakes using cocktail sticks, these will be trimmed down later in the build. It's a bit spikey at the moment ...

    After that, I added the substructure for the fire step ...

    And finally building the earthworks of the ramparts using DAS again and lollipop sticks for the fire slots ...

    So that's where it is now, I'll be tackling detailing the trench interior tomorrow, I'll post some more pics once I get home.

    Hope you liked the update

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    Quality work here.

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    Looking damned good

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    I just watched this video on the tubes!

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