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    Complete noob in need

    Hey guys. I've came across some minis of Tyranids and I want to play them with my buddies but i have no idea what am I doing.
    The list is:
    1 Broodlord; 1 Trygon/Mawloc; 8 Genestealers; 10 Gargoyles; 40 Hormagaunts; 40 Termagants; 1 Carnifex; and 4 Ripper Swarms;
    I was googling good compositions, tactics, meaning of life and such but i still feel like im trying to do rocket science.
    What should i pick on them? Trygon or Mawloc? Is this passable as an "army"? How should i act in battle?
    I've never played with or against Tyranids.
    Please dont shout at me.

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    I would suggest throwing a few lists together, and playing some 500 point games. Then decide from that what you like.
    Basically just jump in the shallow end, and go from there. Gradually scale up as you start to understand the game.
    Eventually you'll get the hang of the game, and understand what roles you need to fill.

    In general Genestalers are considered really good, especially paired with a Trygon.

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    Tyranids are in a very sweet spot right now. Theres very few 'bad' units in the codex.
    Make sure you have a few synapse creatures (basically all the hq's plus tyranid warriors and trygon prime.) Pick any of them, though the Hive Tyrant and Neurothrope are particularly good.

    Then just experiment and see what you like. You tend to do better having a strong focus on either shooting or combat, with a small compliment of the other to balance it out.
    Post up some lists here and we will help tweak your ideas into the right direction.

    As Nikolai said though its worth getting some games in and just seeing how it works.
    I'd suggest playing 1000pts though as the game at 500pts is a bit skewed by dodgy dice. IF someone rolls hot for a phase it can all be over as theres so little on the board. With a bit bigger game the number of models mitigates that a little.

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