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    The Haynes Manuel guide to Tabletop war-gaming.

    When my brother visited me the other week he showed me something that my sister-in-law brought for him, and something I've never seen before.

    The Haynes Tabletop gaming manual!

    It's the history of gaming going back literally centuries, starting of with games such has Chess back in the dark ages all the way up to modern times.
    It explores 'modern' (20th century) origins of many fantasy/historical gaming (such as Dungeons & Dragons) all the way up to the latest releases.

    And yes, Games Workshop does feature A LOT in this book, not just the different games systems they've created but also some of the companies history and background, from it's foundation by Fighting Fantasy author Steve Jackson in the 70's to Warhammer, 40K and other games they've created up until now.

    In fact if you look at the cover you can see some Terminators on there just to prove it!

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    This book sounds interesting as heck. Never heard of it before. I've read Matt Throwers articles before though. He's a great journalist.

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