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    New Space Marine player, need some tips and help deciding on chapte

    Hey everyone!

    I'm new to Warhammer 40k and I think I narrowed down my first army to space marines but now there are so many chapters. I like the Loyalist 1)salamanders, 2)space wolves, 3)blood angels. Then from the traitor side I like 1)Alpha Legion 2)Emperors Children). Could someone give me some insight on the playing style of each chapter? I have been on google for a very long time and can't seem to find a complete layout. I enjoy the aesthetics of all 5 so I'm really just looking for information on the differences/similarities. I have ordered the Imperium 1 and both space marine/chaos space marine codex but they wont be here till monday. Any help would be awesome (also how do i purchase salamander or alpha legion specific figurines? I can only find a few types of chapters on the website).

    Thanks, guys!

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    Firstls Blood Angels have their own codex separate from Codex Space Marines. They have rules in the index, but those are out dated.

    Aside from Vulkan He'stan the Salamanders and Alpha Legion don't really have any dedicated Citadel miniatures. You'll have to go to Forgeworld for that.
    For Alpha Legion I just use loyalist Space Marines.

    Salamanders are standard Space Marines, but they get some re-rolls to hit and wound, and a named character.

    Blood Angels are similar to standard Space Marines, but they get many of their own units including psyker Dreadnoughts. Their Chapter tactic is extra wounding on the charge.

    Space Wolves are very different. They don't have their own book yet, so they're run out of the index and Chapter Approved right now. They're a fairly aggressive chapter. They don't yet get a chapter tactic.

    Alpha Legion are all about stealth and infiltration.

    Emperor's Children go first in combat, and must have the Mark of Slanesh.

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