So I am relatively new to the hobby, with only 3 games to my credit. I signed up for a tournament in May, and have decided to try the first army I actively started collecting for, which is of course Grey Knights. However, I'd like some advice as to how to assemble my list. My first two units I'm okay on (Grand Master Voldus and a Nemesis Dreadknight with a heavy psycannon, doom-fist and Nemesis greatsword), it's the rest I'd like help with.
I have 1 5-man Terminator squad with two halberds, two force swords (justicar has a falchion and a sword), a twin falchion, and a psylencer, with the rest having storm bolters and frag and psyk-out grenades
5-man Purifier squad, Knight of the Flame with a Daemon hammer and storm bolter, one with a psycannon, one with a halberd, one with a sword, and one with two falchions and storm bolters
Paladin ancient- well, that should be another easy one to figure out
5-man Paladin squad, this one with an incinerator, two halberds, two swords (one for the incinerator and one for the justicar) and another with two falchions (and storm bolters)
5-man Interceptor squad, with two swords, one halberd, two falchions and a psylencer (as well as storm bolters)
I'd like to add a 10-man strike squad and possibly even throw in Castellan Crowe, but with a 1500 ceiling I don't know. Any advice is appreciated, unless it's Chaos players griping that I'll be OP because of Voldus