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    Originally Posted by CelticKodiak View Post
    It seems the users of this forum are just a gaggle of white knights for GW, and the naivete shown response after response is face palmingly bad.
    It appears to me that, aside from the massive miscommunications, there are general misunderstandings here.

    1. In her second post, Lady Lion 'bashed' GW and throughout this thread, has attempted to be both diplomatic and helpful. You have insulted her in several posts, both inadvertently and directly.

    2. While sneggy did respond with some sarcasm and curtness, you blew him off for giving you facts about how good the army is or can be. Thus undercutting your argument that your army needs anything to be playable or competitive on the field. Aside from quality of play, this means that only a larger variety of models and choices is perhaps lacking. But that void is filled partially by another source, which may not be up to date, but has always been a bit slower than the main line. And for the record, Sneggy is literally one of the best players in the world, provable by official tournament rankings, so he's not just talking out of his ass.

    3. This has boiled down to you having an army that you want to play or build in a way that is not conducive to what the maker of the game provided. You want more cool units and models; they gave you only part of what you think they should have. It's a valid want. It would be great to have a bunch of new models and items to choose from, or to have access to everything in the lore. What GW said is, here is a faction that has not been touched, let's release it as an option for people to use. It is a workable army and can do quite well in games.

    4. GW is not evil for doing this. To make them out as some sort of Dickensian villain, especially in this edition, is absurd. And to avoid another use of the phrase 'white knight', I will be the first to tell you that I have an incredibly low opinion of many of their business practices that I have voiced publicly on this forum for years. The fact that they worked as hard as they did to provide as much front end support for 8th, is a testament to them acknowledging what has worked for other companies and where some of their faults lie.

    5. I get that you are just wishlisting that you would have liked for them to be one faction with sister of silence, and that perhaps both wanted more options. But you are also steamrolling over others who are simply providing their opinions or other reasons why this was not the case, including citations of past experience. This includes, but is not limited to the fact that these are specialty armies, and GW as the creator/designer made decisions about what that should be. And yes, they then assigned what they felt was the correct market value to those items.

    Originally Posted by CelticKodiak View Post
    if I drop the money on something, I get my opinion, isn't that how capitalism works?
    That's actually not how capitalism works. You gave your opinion when you spent the money. GW is free in this market type to dictate a price, just as their material suppliers are free to decide where their place in the market is. If what GW was selling was, to you, worth the cost, and you purchased it, then you have confirmed their economic model...encouraging them to continue until they see a change in the trend.

    The argument that 3d printers should completely lower the cost of production is not completely valid. As someone who works with 3d modeling and various 3d printers, there are some very real differences in being able to print a couple cool figurines that someone modeled with their skill and time...versus mass producing sprues that allow for a fair bit of customizing. And GW really does have a pretty good hold on quality of models, unless you want things that are not heroic scale.

    Finally, I get that for you, not being allowed to play at GW stores with non-GW items is a big downside, but it's their store. Everything out on tables is advertising to the person who just walked in and was curious as to what things are. I don't know where you live, but I am hard pressed to believe that you have a local GW and do not have some sort of other gaming store or a gaming group you could join. Most likely another place would have more lax rules on models and such, as long as your opponent did not mind.

    Either way, I hope you see the reason I took the time to post this. I hope you understand that nobody here wants to chase you away from the forum or make your time in the hobby anything but enjoyable. But we request that you try to do the same.


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    I apologize for my heated words.

    I do admit that I was over-zealous (?) in my last few posts. I don't completely agree with the way that GW does things, but as someone who lives where there are no Games Workshop stores, just local game stores that sell 40K, their business model as I personally experience it, is quite helpful not only to themselves, but to local small business. I know this is not the case everywhere, so that view is flawed and biased.

    Also, you have the right to play your army the way that you want to. Even if other people (such as myself) disagree with the way that you do it.

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