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    "Mordian" heads on Cadians?

    Okay, long time fan - first time player. Looking to get started with IG Mordians. Probably not best army for beginners but its what makes me happy.

    Now Mordians only come in metal. Plastic would be easier for me to paint. I CAN do metal, but plastic is easier since the arms can be painted separately and added on later. So I was thinking of using stock Cadians with these heads Combining them with stock Cadians and just calling them "Veterans with Carapace" A LA Mordians.

    Would that still be game and tourney legal?
    Also are the sizes okay (28mm vs 40K's 25mm), or would it look really obvious?

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    Originally Posted by neptune View Post
    Also are the sizes okay (28mm vs 40K's 25mm), or would it look really obvious?
    40k is 28mm heroic scale. These heads are made for imperial guard models


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