I've decided to shake some things up here at this little forum. It's been a bit quiet. This'll either get me banned, or maybe start some discussions. So here we go...

So, Warhammer 40k does not need a ban list because people can't control their emotions on the internet.

A while back, there was some discussion in the Magic: the Gathering community regarding some Jeremy guy getting banned. For the most part, I donít particularly give a shit about this guy. Apparently he had some pretty volatile opinions, and said something rude about a cosplayer- which led to a bunch of people demanding he be banned from playing, his cards burned, his manhood removed, his mother beaten, and his online game account being banned. They got two out of five, which is pretty impressive for a bunch of whining card-players that havenít been inside a woman since a doctor yanked them out and sliced the umbilical cord.

I have rather Ďunpopularí opinions regarding some cosplayers, primarily those that buy costumes from someone and then want your money to show half a tiddy- and even more, I loathe the pathetic losers who pay for this half a tiddy. I respect people who go all out and make a costume to enjoy it, not so much an amateur model that backed down from a casting couch and has to resort to wearing superhero or elf costumes and pay rent with a Patreon.

So, youíll have to forgive me if I donít see this as a big deal. But, it would seem that this lady in question had just enough pathetic incel orbiters to raise a stink on her behalf, so this Jeremy guy got banned by a company that couldnít be bothered to make sure its tournament judges werenít a bunch of sexual predators and kiddie-diddlers. Again, pardon me if I donít see one guy with a Youtube channel saying something rude about a chick in a costume to be such a massive problem, when you look at the bigger picture here.

Afterward, this prompted some members of the 40k Community in several places to ask the question: Should Warhammer 40k have a 'ban listí? Granted, most of the people whoíd ask this very question are the exact sort that probably should be ushered out themselves- you know, the perpetual outrage fetishists and a few websites that are essentially the 'Buzzfeed' of tabletop wargames. Well, they would, wouldnít they?

Hereís this novel idea: How about we all get some intestinal fortitude and leave it to the local shop, club, or gaming group to decide who gets 'bannedí? Look, I donít care about someoneís 'outside dramaí. Leave it at the door if youíre gonna game, and if you canít do that then you need to kick rocks and piss off. I donít care if someone upset your favorite cosplayer, or said something nasty to you on the internet- just donít bring it in to game. Unless someone is actually harassing you, then grow up and quit crying for a grown-up to come and protect your fragile feelings. Oh, and 'harassmentí has a real meaning, and itís a bit more complex than 'this person upset meí.

Let me put it this way, in all honesty- do you think the average shop owner is going to give a shit about peoplesí squabbles when heís hosting a tournament in his store? No, because heís a damned shop owner and not the local arbiter of morality. Heís going to ask you to leave your drama at the door, and boot you if you canít. Itís pretty simple, almost as if weíve been doing it this way for years. Welcome to tabletop gaming, weíve been handling our own shit long before the Perpetual Outrage Fetishists came in to 'saveí us.

Iím no fan of actual harassment, and if itís ever revealed that this Jeremy guy actually harassed this girl? Then piss on him, he deserves to be booted out of the tournament circuitÖ but letís prioritize the actual rapists, pigs, and kid-fuckers that are holding positions of power in that tournament circuit and get them out first. And hell, as I understand thereís actual evidence for the sexual predators, and not much for this Jeremy guyís 'harassmentí.

Imagine kicking a guy out of a nightclub because someone claims he had a pocket knife, but thereís five drunk guys in the corner waving Glocks around and threatening patrons. Thatís how I see this 'Jeremy Baní.

The only 'soundí argument Iíve seen so far is that the Tournament Circuit and Wizards of the Coast have the right to reject him and refuse to do business with him for any reason they choose. Which, of course, the last time I mentioned 'refusing to do business with someone for anything you likeí, these same fucking POFís were screaming about gay wedding cakes. So itís nice to see weíre still doing that 'itís okay when we do ití thing.

To get on point, what kind of 'baní is GW going to have? I can tell you this right now, that company holds far less sway over the average FLGS than you think- and itís going to be really, really difficult for a 'list of meaniesí to do anything when some guy spends hundreds of dollars in one trip and drops another $20.00 down to play in a tournament. So, what- now these 'meaniesí wonít be allowed in Warhammer World or GW stores? Oh, the horror! Now where will they go to get overpriced mediocre hamburgers or get dry-humped by sales staff?

I donít know if youíve been to a GW store lately, but if you spend enough money- they could care less if youíre Interpolís most wanted international terrorist once you reach out and start grabbing models off the shelf. I doubt some 'listí of 'extreme thinkersí is going to deter them from sacking up hundreds of dollars worth of plastic models and thanking you for your patronage.