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    2000p Blood angels +IG

    Hi, this is my first time posting.
    I am a player who does not get to play much, but I would like to have a semi-competitive list for when I do get to play.
    If I could get your feedback on this list that would be awesome!
    Imperial guard Brigade (to farm CPs): 12CP
    Regimental doctrine:
    -Valhallan: halve amount of models who run away + double the number of wounds to determine characteristics of vehicles
    -Company Commander 30pts
    -Company Commander 30pts
    -Lord Commissar 35pts
    -10 man Infantry Squad 40pts
    -10 man Infantry Squad 40pts
    -10 man Infantry Squad 40pts
    -10 man Infantry Squad 40pts
    -10 man Infantry Squad 40pts
    -10 man Infantry Squad 40pts
    -Commissar 16pts
    -Commissar 16pts
    -Commissar 16pts
    Fast Attack
    -Scout Sentinels 45pts
    -Scout Sentinels 45pts
    -Scout Sentinels 45pts
    Heavy Support
    -Basilisk 108pts
    -3 man Heavy Weapons Squad w/ Autocannons 54pts
    -Leaman Russ Battle Tank w/ Battle cannon, heavy bolder hull weapon and Plasma cannon sponsons 182pts
    Blood angels Battalion: +5CP
    -Captain Smash (warlord) aka captain w/ Thunder hammer Storm shield and angels wing relic + artisan of war warlord trait 129pts
    -The Sanguinor 170pts
    -8 man Scout squad w/ Close Combat weapons 88pts
    -7 man Scout squad w/ Close Combat weapons 77pts
    -5 man Scout squad w/ bolt guns 55pts
    Blood Angels Vanguard det: +1CP
    -Lemartes 129ts
    -10 man Death company squad all w/ jump packs + Power axes + Boltguns 250pts
    -Sanguinary Ancient w/power fist + angelus bolt gun and relic banner 99pts
    -4 man Sanguinary Guard w/ power fist + angelus bolt gun 140pts
    Total of 1999pts
    Total of 21 CP because +3 for being battle forged.
    I am going to have all of the Blood Angels except the scouts in deep strike while the Imperial Guard hold the line (fitting really) and they will come in turn 2 if I am playing with the Beta rules. If not they will probably come in 1st turn.
    The aim is to have the Captain run around w/ the Sanguinary Guard and Ancient so that the SG get the re roll all to hit rolls, with the Sanguinor piping in to give the + 1 attack when needed.
    Lemartes will be with the Death Company, and the Scouts w/ Combat weapons will back them up if there are any left, as their objective is to have them charge first turn and clear out a screen or distract the enemy.
    The IG Infantry Squads will attempt to screen for the tanks and/or capture objectives.
    The Leman russ and Basilisk will obviously hold back and shoot the hell out of the enemy, and the Heavy weapons squad will fit that role as well.
    The Scout Sentinels will move up the table first turn to secure a foot hold on the board and support the charging Scouts.
    The Commissars will back up the Infantry squads and make it so that their robust moral is even more robust.
    One of the Company Commanders will stay with the Heavy Weapons squad to give them what ever order is best (I have not played IG before so I do not know the different orders) and the other one will just hang around.
    The Captain will become DC with one CP
    The Captain may also use red rampage to make sure he kills a key enemy monster/vehicle
    One of the Imperial Guard Company Commanders will have the relic that allows them to steal CPs, so -1 more CP
    Decent of angels will be used at least once
    Upon wings of fire may be used to capture a tactical objective or get closer to a key target.
    I have no idea what stratagems are good for the Imperial Guard, so some advice on that would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you for reading and/or answering, as I may of said, I do not have any Imperial Guard models yet, so I want to get the list just right before I buy a ton of them and they turn out bad.
    Again, thanks for your feedback and advice.

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